The Environmental Crisis is Now

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Yash Kadaru
Apr 8 · 3 min read

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I think I would say I’ve been environmentally conscious for quite a while now and I’m sure many of you are, but it hasn’t been until the past year till now, for me to completely re-think the decisions I make on a daily basis.

If you’re in Toronto, this might be of interest to you!

It’s not always possible to avoid using plastic, and it’s not always easy. It is however doable in little ways, for example at the grocery store. I have a resuable bag I always use now in my car, and in the house. If I forget the bag, I usually end up carrying it out by hand if it’s small enough. If I have a paper bag handy or a paper bag from any other store, I usually reuse it multiple times over. I used a Starbucks paper bag once to carry groceries! Those Roots resuable bags you get? Use them as grocery bags! Better yet, use them the next time you go shopping! Speaking of shopping, if I get a paper bag from one store, I’ll use it for items from other stores. Refuse plastic bags, everywhere you go.

Source: Vox,

for less than $10. Unfortunately the case is made of plastic, but the straw itself is stainless steel with rubber, and it’s amazing. (big thanks to my girlfriend for introducing me to this gem)

containers from take-out places. Also, you don’t really need a plastic bag to hold your 1 take-out container.

that are more naturally or sustainably sourced: (one stop canadian shop for everything sustainable and healthy)

etc, etc

(Go to for more)

lunch boxes! (they’re also amazing as lunch boxes — best ones I’ve found after a LONG LONG search)

in one of these wonderful water bottles:

, the next time your’re in a store, buying your shampoo maybe:

You’ll be surprised to find the sheer amount of toxic products on shelves.

I may not be helping to the best of my ability, but all I feel it takes is each one of us trying our best to refuse plastic, wherever we can, commending products / people for not using plastic, and being more environmentally conscious in our daily decisions.

And I know you can’t always avoid plastic, but trying your best where you can avoid it, will certainly help!

❤ sincerely, your neighbour on our only little ball of rock & life

Yash Kadaru

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