The Legacy

I keep thinking of this a lot recently, tell if you have.

Isn’t it scary how….you… like the person you are… all your experiences, laughs, all your friends, the people you love, the places you been, the things you’ve done, the memories, all your unique thoughts, all the ideas you come up with….the unique thoughts and things that only you could do….

It’s gone, the moment you die.

It fucking scares me.

I want to write everything. Not just write, but do everything I can to get my ideas onto other mediums that aren’t mortal like me.

I fear dying without contributing to the world in some way, or not affecting a lot of people around me. I fear not making enough of a difference in people’s lives… especially my best friends and family. I fear not being remembered. I want to be remembered as someone who always cheered everyone up…. and put a smile on everyones face or made people laugh. I want to be remembered as someone who was there when times were rough and also someone who had crazy, fun adventures with.

I want to document everything. Every little precious memory, feeling or sensation.

left somewhere.


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