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Are you looking for visa to UK? Apply for a UK visa is a simple and straightforward process. If you need helping hands for visa processing you are just click away. Find all the information you’re looking for here on Get all details about visa standards and visa information of business visas to tourist visas, terms and conditions, visa expenses and visa application.

UK Visa:

Passport and Visa will be checked when passenger arrives at a UK airport to ensure that they are allowed to enter the country. If visitors of UK do not belong to UK Visa Exempt countries then they need UK Visa in advance before entering the nation. The type of visa need depends on your nationality and reason for wanting to travel.

Standard Visitor Visa

Standard Visitor visa is for individuals who wish to come to the UK for tourism, business or visiting their family members and so on. Those who aspire to visit the UK must be able to demonstrate that they are visiting the UK only for a short period and will be leaving the UK at the end of the visit. Standard visa holder can stay up to 6 month in UK. Depending upon purpose of visit the Standard Visitor visa classified into different types such as Family visitor visa, Child visitor visa and tourist visa.

Business Visa:

A person who is employed in another nation and wishes to visit the UK for a short time period and take part in business related affairs is eligible to apply for business visa. The UK is the best area for business visionaries to make development and progress. For those abroad nationals trying to build up or join a UK business, Business visa could be the answer. Individuals with a minimum of £2 million to invest can apply for investor visa to stay in UK.

Duration Type:

There are many different types of short-term visas for short stay and long term visas for longer stay are available.

Short- Term Visa:

· 6 Mont’s Visa: If you are getting a short visit to United Kingdom you can make an application for the Short-term visa. This is short-stay visa best matches for the people who searching for short trip to United Kingdom.

Long-Term Visa:

· 2 Year’s Visa: This gives you unlimited entry into the UK during the visa’s validity. You are only allowed to stay in the UK for up to 2 years. During each stay, unless the visa expires you can stay limited to 180 days.

· 5 Year’s Visa: You might be in a position to stay for longer if you obtain a 5 Year’s long-term visa. You can obtain this visa after completing requirements of immigration. You can stay for a maximum of six months on each visit.

Fees And Visa Processing:

The services mentioned here are optional. To use the fast processing service you may need to pay additional charges.

1.Normal Visa: This is ordinary visa processing it takes processing time of 3–4 working days. This service is available for those who have much time for their journey.

2. Express Visa: The Express visa service is optional and costs more in addition to the Normal visa processing. It takes 1–2 working days.

3. Urgent Visa: Customers who need to travel urgently to UK and do not have much time for visa processing can choose this processing mode by paying extra fees. This takes 24 hours to process your visa.

Mandatory Documents Required:

Below is a list of documents which are required for visa processing.

• Passport and/or travel documents.

• One passport-sized photograph.

• Proof of finances.

• Bank statements of a latest 6 month.

• Details about accommodation and travel.

• Copy of the bio-metric Information.

Additional Document For Family/Child/Business Visa:

1. If Applying For Family Visitor Visa:

a. Partner or family member’s passport or ID card.

b. Invitation letter from family in the UK.

c. Proof of your relationship.

2. If Applying For Child Visitor Visa:

a. Written permission of parents to travel to the UK.

b. Contact details of parent or guardian.

3. If Applying For Business Visitor Visa:

a. Evidence of your business related activities.

b. Evidence showing that you have the required investment funds.

Application Procedure:

There is a certain procedure that applicants need to be followed to file an application for United Kingdom Visa.

Step 1:

Locate the nearby visa application center and visit to file your application visit to file your application

Step 2:

Schedule an appointment to submit your bio-metric information. As a part of the application process, you need to arrange an appointment at your neighborhood visa application center.

Step 3:

Attend appointment at visa application center to give bio-metric information like your fingerprint scan and photograph. You need to bring your appointment confirmation letter and passport along with visa application.

Step 4:

Collect your visa from visa application center. It is at your own circumspection whether you wants collect the visa from the center or want to be delivered at your personal address.

After Applying:

After approval of visa by immigration, you can pick the passport in person from the visa application center or delivery by post if you have selected this option.

The status of your application shall be informed to you via SMS if you have selected this option during visa application submission or via email on the ID that was provided at the time of application submission.


For many reasons individuals from various countries around the world visit the UK. Visitors require UK visa for hassle free journey. Now visa seekers can apply for their visa online or through our visa application center by submitting visa application and essential document. We provide guidelines from start to end of visa processing for applicants convenience.

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