Running Lean without Tools

As much as I love to post a blog saying how to run a lean software engineering team without any software tools, I would rather write about the day I saw flying pigs.

Propose of software enginnering is to control complexity, not to create it! — Pamela Zave

However, by having the minimum number of right tools could help your team to avoid wastes in Software Engineering. the minimum number could change based on the context. for me, it’s 3.

So, here are the top 3 must-have tools,

1. Slack

Say bye-bye to your email software, intranet tool, office communicator and even those expensive conferencing tools and switch to slack. It allows Lean team to focus all communications on one platform saving time and effort to locate information as well as individuals.

Slack comes with rich app and API ecosystem, where you can find apps for basically anything. Plus it allows you to share, store and review files.

2. Toggl

Toggl not only replaces traditional timesheets and reporting tools, it makes the time recording effortless. Unlike traditional timesheets, you would expect your teams to use it without those end of the month reminders.

Moreover, Toggl serves as an ideal tool to identify wastes in your team.

3. 3M Post-It

Although there are many Kanban board tools, none of them can replace having visual and tangible Kanban board made out of Post-it. However if you want to be online, you could consider something like Trello, Kanbanzie or Leankit.

Those are my minimum, right tools to run Lean software engineering team, However, if you are one of those individuals who cannot survive with just these three tools — you might want to Follow the ProductHunt list for latest Lean Tools

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