Ultimate Backpack for #Ingress Agents?

Ingress agent field kit — gadgets that’ll make Ingressing more than just Ingressing

For a while, I have been looking for a backpack that could serve as my Ingress partner as well as a travel buddy. One of my recent random searches landed on me a page where they claim to be, The world’s smartest backpack!

Just like any Ingress agent, traveling and keeping your scanner alive is one of the biggest challenges to me. Especially when you are in a strange city or worst a country, powering up your devices are a nightmare. Even though most of the airports and bus terminals are equipped with rechargers, there is not enough time to recharge the scanner and powerbanks.

So, could this be it? the ultimate backpack I have been looking for!

Almost one year ago AMPL Labs expressed their ambitious plans to build what they call, The world’s smartest backpack, on Indiegogo. One year later, it looks like the product is ready for the market.

Here are the key features that make me interested as an L16 Ingress manic

1. Pure Power — 42,000 mAh

The fully loaded version comes with whopping 42,000 mAh recharge power — good enough to keep you alive for days or power-up your laptop to check the intel map on those critical checkpoints.

2. Six USB Outlets — No more messy cables all over you

This backpack said to be equipped with 6 USB slots and cable support to keep you organized during your long ingress walks

6 USB slots

3. It reports the battery status

The backpack ships with a mobile app that keeps you updated on the battery status as well as recharge progress.

4. Charge all at once

AMPL equipped with single fast charging slot (they says it can charge all batteries up to 80% in less than an hour), which allows you to charge everything using one plug point.

5. Water-Resistant

They say the fabric is covered with water resistance coating. This could keep you going irrespective of rain and snow

6. Equipped with shock-absorbers for accidental drops

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about dropping your bag — ever.

Overall, it looks a cool backpack for Ingress — but bit expensive though as at now fully loaded version costs USD 500, little cheaper than Goruck GP1. Plus, despite AMPL Labs claims to be travel ready, I wonder how those arrogant airport security people would respond to it.