The purpose of the “why”.

So i’ve been thinking lately, thinking about a lot of things. Life, goals, work, ambitions, dreams. The usual stuff we as humans, spend hours of our lives thinking about. After having a thought provoking conversation with a colleague at work, we both came to the topic of living better and maximising life to better ourselves, and making the most out of life and using the limited time we have, in the best way that we can. This got me thinking of goals, and why we shouldn’t be afraid of achieving in life, and how there shouldn’t be anything that comes in the way of doing so. This bring’s me onto the next topic of the importance of establishing a “why”.

The importance of the “why”

I don’t really think there is any way of putting this in a gentle way, but we are where we are in life, because of the decisions that we’ve chosen to make, and this is the reality of it. Yes you can think of how crappy your life is, and why you are where you are. But pity won’t really get you anywhere, people can empathise with you but will you do what it takes to change? How much do you want to change yourself? That desire to change comes from within. Have you ever tried helping someone out, and they haven’t bothered taking anything you’ve said on board? This is because they are not ready to change. You really cannot help someone who cannot be helped. Change comes from within, they’ve got to find the reason to want to change. You’ve got to find your drive, “What do you want to achieve out of life?” “What is that burning desire?” “What is the goal?” All of these questions are simple facets of that penultimate achievement. But most importantly, you have to find the “why” in whatever it is that you want.

I’ve come to realise, establishing you’re “why” is the most important thing when it comes to changing for the better. “Why do you want that job?” So you can become the manager of the company you work for one day? Or perhaps it’s so that you can finally get that mortgage on that flat that you’ve been so desperately wanting, which is what you’ve always dreamed of?” Or simply, so you can fit into that beautiful wedding dress, when you walk down the aisle? Whatever it is, establishing a “why” is the most important thing when it comes to change. You can’t get on a plane, without a destination, you can’t expect things to happen without that fuel, and that burning desire, that “why” has to mean something powerful.

No one is perfect, and I’m sure we can all benefit from a little motivation from time to time, including myself. Go get it, life is what you make it, let’s paint the picture and show the world what we truly are made of.

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