The Social Media Network for Millennials


Products have always fascinated me. People who know me well, would attest to the fact that I always have opinion on a product (New and Old). So I decided that it would be best to document my thoughts on products, which I frequently use and analyse them objectively.

I am starting with Snapchat, which is a social media platform that’s USP (Unique Selling Point) is being able to easily share photos or short videos with no worry of them being saved forever.

Snapchat’s Mascot is named as “Ghostface Chillah” after Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan


  • Widely Used Application; Many of my friends use this to share the more interesting parts (“generally”) of their life. It is this wide usage amongst Millennials, which has made Snapchat a key part of their daily routine.
  • Great Concept, Functionality and UX; The interface is easy to understand and someone, new to the application, is able to quickly take a picture or video and edit it before sharing. The introduction of “Snapchat Memories”, where any photo taken through Snapchat can saved and easily recalled to share with friends or just view on the device, is another example of Snapchat understand the needs of their users and evolving beyond the initial concept of Ephemeral Photo Sharing.
  • Monetisation; The inclusion of Sponsored Geofilters and Lens are probably the smartest features. The Geofilters are essentially self-advertising content, as most users would use the filter to making their shared content standout, which virally spreads the brand across Snapchat’s user base. With a reach of 41% of all 18–34 years olds in the United States, most businesses would not be quick to ignore this avenue of advertising.


  • Usability; It is not very easy to share content with more than a few friends unless you want to share with everyone via a Story.
  • Support; I have had issues with the application and I know others with different devices who experience similar problems, besides the regular updates. I have tried to reach out for help via the support email address provided and the in-app support functionality leads to a web site which is not very touch friendly. The support so far has been a mixed bag.
  • Contrast to Instagram Stories; It might be due to Instagram Stories being new functionality, however I have found it to have: smoother transitions, easier capture functionality and more intricate editing tools. Though it does lack geotagging, which is one of the biggest features of Snapchat, as well as most of the friends who I usually share my memories with.

Potential Improvements

  • In-App Support System; Introduction of formal support via an in-app ticketing system, to capture bugs and issues with the help of users, could go a long way and also increase usage of the application.
  • Refresh Sharing Functionality; Maybe changing how friends are displayed from a list format to icon format so that it becomes easier to select friends from a large list.
  • Rewrite Application Code (Snapchat Lite); This would allow the Snapchat experience to be utilised by more than just users with high-end devices.
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