When AI Go to Businessline

A successful token sale will afford the Entropy Foundation the full opportunity to fund the Hut34 Project to its release and implementation. Entropy tokens will provide both access rights and act as the sole medium of exchange for participants on the Hut34 Network. They provide no other rights or benefits to token holders. Ownership of ENT Tokens does not entitle holders to any earnings of the Entropy Foundation, provides no voting or ownership rights, nor does it confer holders any legal recourse to the Entropy Foundation.

The Hut34 network is built in a hut or node. Each node at least acts as a multilayer switcher, which distributes and performs information to a digital server.

The Hut34 network is intended to be a channel that connects decentralized silos of data, information and knowledge through a network of nodes or “Huts”. The network will be open to all, and economic incentives will take the entire global knowledge base to a new level. Users will have more access to more useful information, while taxpayers are rewarded for their efforts.

The monetization of this growing data is only held by big company like Apple, Google and Amazon who use their data to control knowledge and new things in the future. But HUT34 offers a different paradigm. End users, now spend more time in chat services, so the use of AI in chat services that can keep the user’s attention will be more useful. From that case, the ChatBot market will grow 37% over the next 4 years. It is the challenge of HUT34 to build an AI superintendent that bridges between business and users.

A total of 100 Million Entropy Tokens will be created prior to the token sale. This supply will be fixed with no more to be issued. As part of its roadmap, The Entropy Foundation intends to build or partner with appropriate technologies and gateways to facilitate full and, where possible, frictionless interoperability of the ENT Token with other cryptocurrencies. In a sense opening up the economics of our system further; whilst of course protecting the needs of the Hut34 Project, its participants and associated Entropy Token holders.

Connecting to the HUT34 network allows people with expertise in their field or those with special knowledge to distribute their knowledge to a potentially broader audience. Simultaneously, the entire HUT34 network will provide the means and give them a reward for something they are trying to achieve.

The Tokensale

The Hut34 token sale is scheduled to begin on the 19th October 2019. The team is working extensively with its legal, technology and corporate advisors to ensure the highest standards of fairness, transparency and regulatory compliance for its token sale. Token sale mechanics, terms of sale and disclosure documents will be published on the Hut34 website at https://hut34.io/entropySale

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