Eclipse IDE Install Wizard

Have you ever installed the Eclipse IDE? Which one? Eclipse consists of dozens of development components, some of which you’ve probably never used — and never will. Yet the standard packages always bundle these together into one huge installer.

The new Install Wizard in Yatta Launcher lets you pick the IDE components you need, leaving a lightweight installation and pain-free setup. Select your required language, framework, version control and build support, then chill out or do something else while it takes care of the super-lean download and installation.

It gets better: after installation, your IDE will even run faster because all the fat has been trimmed off!

If you need to add more tools to your setup later on, of course that’s no problem. Just grab them from the Eclipse Marketplace Client[1], as and when you need them.

[1] Yatta is a major contributor to the open-source project of the Eclipse Marketplace Client, providing both the project lead and primary development resources.

The Install Wizard lets you choose from the following to build your dream Eclipse IDE — fast, flexible and fit, without all the bloat:

  • Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Version control
  • Build support

For this release, choices are limited. However, we will continuously improve the Install Wizard and add more components over time.

Getting started with Install Wizard

  1. Download the Eclipse Launcher from, then install and run it.
  2. Select Create Eclipse Profile from the main menu.
Create Eclipse Profile

3. Follow the simple Install Wizard steps to select the finest in essential devtool goodness.

Select your programming language

4. Hit Install and let Launcher take care of the rest.

Review & Install

If you prefer, you can always browse our Profiles Hub for an existing “off-the-shelf” Eclipse IDE setup. There are hundreds of user-created Profiles (configurations) available, all offering the same benefit of reduced download times and faster, automated installation.

Find out more at or get in touch with us at or



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