Personalize your Eclipse Profiles Appearance

Changelog for Release 1.3.18

Today we are proud to announce the Profiles release 1.3.18. We’ve worked hard in the last weeks to provide you with new, useful features for the Profiles Hub and the Launcher. Of course, we’ve also fixed various bugs to improve the Profiles experience.

Improved profile customization

For a while now, the Profiles Hub allows you to upload custom background images for your profiles.

But did you ever try to use a very dark image as a profile background? We did, and noticed that the contrast of our fonts was very bad in these cases. So the new Profiles Hub now allows you to invert the font color of your profile header for a better contrast on dark background images.

To invert your font color, follow these steps:

Open the ‘Edit mode’
Select ‘Invert font color’
Open the Preview
Apply the changes

After you’ve applied the changes to your profile, they are visible for everyone who visits your profile’s page.

Profile Tags for contextualization

Tags allow your users to get an idea of what use-cases your profile is meant for at a glance and which tools your profile is based on. Of course, tags aren’t just highlighted on your profile page, they are also respected by the Hub’s search functions (to make it easier to be found).

You can now add your own tags to your profiles to make them easier to find and evaluate. Additionally, the Hub will also generate some automatic tags for you now.

Automatic Tagging

Automatic tags are calculated automatically every time you upload a profile to the Hub, based on your profile content. They mark e.g. the Eclipse version your profile is based on.

Additional helpful tags are coming soon.

Custom Tags

For a while now, you have had the possibility to add custom tags to your profile. But so far, they were only visible to you.

From now on, we will start whitelisting your tags, so other users can see them. To add a tag to your profile, follow these steps:

In the ‘Edit mode’ enter a tag and add it using the ‘+’ button
Open the Preview
Apply the changes

After your tag has been saved, it is either instantly shown on your profile page (in case the tag has already been used before and is whitelisted) or only shown to you in your Hub page’s edit mode (while the tag is still unapproved). You will receive an e-mail from the Yatta Profiles team, as soon as your tag gets approved.

With your tag approved your profile could look like this:

Improved Drag & Drop behavior

Did you know you can sort your profiles inside the Yatta Launcher via drag & drop?

Not only can you reorder profiles on one tab, but you can also organize your Eclipse setups into meaningful groups by dragging your profiles from one tab to another.

Creating new tab groups is as easy as you would expect:

  1. Create a new tab and give it a meaningful name
Enter a name

2. Grab a profile from another tab and drop it anywhere on your new tab

Grab a profile entry and drag it to another tab
After the target tab opened, drop the profile anywhere inside the tab

Other improvements

We didn’t just implement new features for you, but also added multiple, noticeable fixes for existing functions:

  • NTLM & SOCKS Proxy support — will now work as expected
  • Eclipse.ini settings — were fixed to not accidentally override custom settings in some cases. The ini settings also work for custom RCPs now.
  • Launcher Plug-In updates — we fixed an issue which prevented the Launcher plug-in to be updated in some cases.
  • Eclipse high CPU load — did occur sometimes when Eclipse and the Launcher were used concurrently. This has been fixed.
  • Eclipse profile content — was sometimes not found correctly by the Launcher, which resulted in the Upload mechanics to fail.
  • Launcher profile lists layout — has been fixed to center the profile names and tab arrows correctly.
  • Launcher settings accordion — now behaves correctly regarding fold/unfold operations.
  • Launcher to Eclipse communication — was improved to avoid a NullPointerException in some rare cases.
  • Proxy credentials popup — has been adapted and fixed to work with our new styles.
  • Launcher’s internal model save operation — has been fixed to avoid a ConcurrentModificationException that occurred in some rare cases.
  • Install profile page — has been fixed to no longer block the UI in case of a bad Internet connection, when multiple versions are available.

Try it out and download the latest version from