How You Discover the Passion to Pursue Entrepreneurship

YawLife is an embodiment of my life… All of my struggles, all of my mistakes, all of my pain, and all of my perseverance through in-fortitude to reach the pinnacle I’m at now, where the fruits of my labour are finally beginning to flourish, and where the seeds sowed in the past have begun to grow roots, which shall outlast even my own passing. To me, YawLife is not about just building a company and selling instantaneously. It’s about endowing my life’s work to make it successful. To reward those who believed in me early once I’ve succeeded, to reward the world for their choice to use our service, and to reward myself with, at the very least, the pride in creating something from nothing… Because, to do such a thing, is not a simple task. You can try as much as possible, and for all that effort, nothing may arise from it, but…

It is in the journey of creation that brings true elation to one’s soul — an inner fulfilment beyond what any odd job or person can spark within.

I think it is determination like this that is required to build something successful. And by successful, I don’t mean billions or millions of dollars. The scale of what you deem success to be will vary between you and me, and the expectation of society. But…

Regardless this fact, it is in the striven narrow towards our inner sparrow that we take flight, beyond the inner horizon of jumbled ideas, experiences and biology; to a feasibility morphed into a certainty of the space-time continuity.

Time and again, many motivators say “to start today,” and it seems like an unrealistic necessity to the possibility of success. Many people think they need an excess of time, and that they can’t have a life. But, this does not have to be the case.

Just as a fire begins with a spark, and then a few more, and then some embers that finally ignite, so too is the creative process, and the expedition to its finality.

It begins with small bits of time here and there, a note or a sketch, on something as simple as a napkin, or as vast as a giant whiteboard.

For, akin to building the first map along their travels, the explorers of ancient times drew as they went along, and iterated as they learned nuances to their current projection.

Looking back from the future, we now see this first map of the globe as a completely inaccurate representation of reality. While its crude depiction is laughable now, it was once revolutionary for its time-span. That current projection of the world as seen through the eyes of our pilgrims, is not so much different from the projection we cast into the world when we start anew. As we begin a project, we do our best to put forth our inner passion and vision into a physical or digital medium.

Therefore, regardless our experience, regardless our skillets, we are all just lone explorers at the beginning, awaiting a time where our continued efforts become a refined masterpiece.

However, without that continued passion, the masterpiece never becomes real, and the impossible inventions that could arise tomorrow become lost to the void.

So if you take an hour in a single week… And use that hour — if even bits of it at a time — you can come up with something from the sublime confines of your mind. And if in need of inspiration, the entirety of human knowledge awaits you on the internet. So, eventually, you’ll make it. That masterpiece will no longer be within you, but beyond you…

As a part of your soul forever cast into the world where those who ponder and wander and sonder about in their lives won’t need to see within your mind; for — it now shines beyond its confines.

It all begins in the momentary pillars of creation, and from there, bit by bit, becomes the galactic cluster of beauty and eternity we all desire in some form. So, as many focus on the idea of reaching eternity in the afterlife, there is no reason it’s not attainable in some form in this life. It simply stems from the will to see it through, and bring forth changes anew, to a world that then grew… And it all starts with you. For the passion in all of us, the potential of every soul is as unique and ever-present as the ascent of the sun at dawn.