Yay.com VoIP Blog Roundup — Call recording, second phone lines and avoiding telecom pitfalls

Find out how call recording via a VoIP phone system can help your business, whether you need a second phone line for VoIP, and what the modern day pitfalls are for new businesses when setting up telecoms and how these can be avoided. Read our VoIP blog roundup for more!

Call Recording via a hosted VoIP service

5 benefits of call recording with hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP has removed a lot of the pricing barriers that were previously associated with large business phone systems. This means that features such as conferencing, IVR menus and call recording are now within the grasp of SMEs, startups and self-starters and are now even more affordable on a limited budget. Call recording itself can be a huge benefit whatever your business. In the case of medical and financial institutions, call recording can aid regulatory compliance, replacing note taking and increasing efficiency. Other call recording benefits include support in cases of dispute resolution, aiding improvements in employee training, improving quality control and identifying sales strategy improvements. Read more about the benefits of hosted VoIP call recordings >>

5 phone system mistakes new businesses should avoid

When building a new business there are often challenges to be met in terms of telecoms, as well as a few common mistakes that you can easily avoid. These range from avoiding telecoms that are meant for home use which don’t offer any professional features such as call conferencing, call transfers and call recording; through to issues like not allowing for business growth and scalability. By using a hosted VoIP phone system at the earliest opportunity, you can sidestep issues like using your private mobile phone number for business calls or getting stuck in lengthy phone contracts with little wriggle room. Whether you are based in a serviced office, co-working space or right out of your lounge, hosted VoIP can offer a professional solution that is both flexible and affordable. Find out which pitfalls new businesses should sidestep when setting up telecoms >>

Demystifying multiple phone lines with hosted VoIP

When you think of the term ‘phone line’ it usually brings to mind thoughts of physical landlines which are connected to homes and businesses via telegraph poles. Due to hosted VoIP only requiring a connection to the Internet to make and receive phone calls, installing additional phone lines in your office is unnecessary. In turn any references to second phone lines or business lines can be a rather confusing when used in conjunction with a VoIP service. When talking about multiple phone lines, do you mean multiple extensions? Perhaps you mean multiple phone numbers or you might even think you need multiple phone lines to make simultaneous calls? These scenarios can all be dealt with via a hosted VoIP service and a connection to the Internet. Find out why you don’t need a second phone line with hosted VoIP >>

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