[CyanogenMod]Custom Recovery not installing on Galaxy S5 G900F

I know. I know. This is an old phone, but why not share information from my own misfortunes.

Error1: Failed to send request to end PIT file transfer!

Error2: Philz recovery not showing up

Step 1:

Try following this until you get an error: CyanogenMod Install

Error 1

If you get this in your command-line/terminal:

Downloading device’s PIT file… 
ERROR: Failed to send request to end PIT file transfer! 
ERROR: Failed to download PIT file! 
Ending session… 
ERROR: Failed to send end session packet! 
Releasing device interface…

This means this way of flashing isn’t working for you and you have to flash the Odin way.

  1. Download Samsung Kies and drivers
  2. Download Odin
  3. Pick your choice of recoveries: Philz TWRP (For the love of god, please double check your device and the type of recovery you download)
  4. Use Odin to flash the recovery

Error 2

When I flashed the Philz recovery Odin gave me a “SUCCESS” flash, but when I restarted my phone and tried to boot in recovery, I got the Stock Android Recovery.

If you are in this situation, just do the following:

5. Uncheck “auto-restart” in Odin

6. Flash Recovery again

7. When the flash is done, unplug the phone and take out the battery.

When you turn it again and boot into recovery, it should work!

Leave a comment if you aren’t getting it to work.