Narcissistic Sociopaths — Are you a victim?

I have just been enlightened. Narcissism.. a psychological mental personality disorder. Sure I’d heard of it and had a very general surface level understanding of it.. but last night after describing the random out of character turn of someone I was describing my girlfriend commented “Narc” in one word and summed up all my confusion. After some research I am still currently processing a lot. All this time in all my 32 years how did I not figure out what I was living with, me, the analyst.. it’s one thing believing someone is a sick ruthless low human being, but to finally understand the real depths of the many layers of their disorder…. woaw… I’m still just left with woaw..

Narcissists are the Crème De La Crème of sociopath’s and we’re surrounded by them, living amongst us, predators seeking out their next victim. These aren’t my words these are the words of Narcissist himself genius Sam Vaknin exposing his kind for what they really are. A fleet of split personalities comprising of the ‘true self’ and ‘false self’, where the narcissist uses his/her false self to mirror the personality and character traits of their victim close to the personality of narcissist’s true self but not quite, using the true self identify as a proxy to get close to their prey, to satisfy their need of narcissistic supply (feeding their ego and gratification of their grandeur), ultimately draining their victim of all their self-worth, energy and leaving them with nothing more than a weak broken soul. Hence why are also referred to as energy or emotional vampires. They catch you, feed of you, cripple you and move onto their next host. Make no mistake, most of us have all had at least one Narc throughout our lives..

As for me, well.. I’m a Narc magnet and it all makes so much sense now. I knew I had repetitive pattern of sick in the head toxic people in and out of my life, I knew there was something dysfunctional about them I just didn’t know the diagnosed term for it or why I kept attracting these hasta (sick) people. Well.. they have a specific type you see, they go after the empathetic, strong minded, challenging people because thats the sickest part of their messed up manipulative strategy. The feeling of grandeur they get when having triumphed over an intelligent head strong individual, that power trip, is just one of the things that feed their narcissistic supply.. yes narcissistic supply is a real thing, thats their fuel. Now they are one sick mentally twisted, deranged loathsome evil conniving fake group of people, and guess what, 1 out of 10 people in are society, is a Narcissist.

While listening to Sam Vaknin explain the many behaviours, characteristics, responses and reactions of a Narcissist, so many light bulb *ting* moments when off in my head and I had so many.. “naaaa… they were all sick” moments of shock horror in the space of an hour. However I suppose the brilliant part of this for me is, hearing all the possible causes of what makes a Narcissist become a Narcissist is the trauma, abuse or neglect that have robbed individuals in developing healthy cognitive functions as children. Curious part is, I was exposed to every element of what Vaknin was describing, not only that my sibling was apparently a Narcissist, I was raised in the same dwelling of an already deranged person. So I say now, with the utmost sincerity, Alhamdulillah, for I must be one super human for not turning into a deranged narcissist. Sure I had mental health issues, and I also had developed a false self, I remember talking to her, oh we’ve had many battles me the messed up chicka in my head back in the day, but I put it over the controlling evil manipulating bitch and made clear only my true self will steer the mental mechanisms of my identity. Not a peep out of her since.

But now I’m also thinking the physical and psychological trauma inflicted and grown accustomed to from my sibling equipped me with the resilience that gave me the power to defeat the evil sadistic mentally deranged narcissist, and I didn’t even know what it was back then. But I must say, thanks to him, I can now identify all the other sick emotional vampires who I’ve attracted throughout my life. My God I can’t believe how many I was surrounded by now that I think more deeply into it, a best friend and two ex relationships and although I had fallen victim, I destroyed each and every one of them due to the intolerance and resilience I grew up fighting against the King of Narcissists within my family and defeating him, on my own. No Narcissist stands a chance against me. Everything I read now all affirms what I already knew.. make no mistake I am proclaiming myself the Narcissist slayar, I’m on missions to seek and destroy the very broken ego these deranged people live on to sustain their lifestyle, no ego, no power trips, no fuel, they hit rock bottom. I know because I’ve seen it and Sam Vaknin the self aware Narc himself affirms it. Now that I am fully aware of their strategies, I have embraced a new bored time hobby… seek and eliminate these cancerous sociopath life altering soul destroyers and stop them from damaging people with sound mental health.

In the meantime, the aim of this post is to raise awareness, guard yourselves, these are people who are extremely dangerous to your health and pose a great threat to the sustainability of your life. I advise everyone, male and female to educate the full potential of Narcissists. I know too many people who are still trying to recover from the damage left from these soul sucking vampires. They are life threatening toxic people and you should equip yourselves of how to identify one, because they are dam good at deceiving, very articulate and very very charming. Stay away or call me so I can enjoy the grandeur of destroying the fake persona they use as predators to manipulate the most intelligent of people.. believe me, yes even I’ve been fooled, but when I woke up… I brought them down, because I could, because I had my entire life of training from living with one.

These people cannot be treated. This personality disorder isn’t like any other mental health disorder like severe manic depression or bipolar. They are hard wired this way throughout the cognitive development of their childhood. Their is no medication, only coping mechanisms… should they choose to accept they are a narcissist, but don’t hold your breath, better to just bolt in the opposite direction.

Please take my advice educate and arm yourselves by watching these watching these from Sam Vaknin:

The Signs of the Narcissist:…

Unmasking Narcissists and Psychopaths:

Spot a Narcissist or Psychopath on your first date:

Typical conversation or reaction of a Narcissist:

You have been informed. What you do now is in your hands. Don’t fall prey.

Written by

Yasemin Babayigit