the true soldier & the real coward

posted Aug 30 2016, 07:20

the true soldier is the one that wear’s their heart on their sleeve unafraid of the consequences of getting hurt, let down, dissapointed, taken advantage or granted of, and even after being trampled on to get back up with no cowardly wall up to not let the next asshole break them but instead say bring it on proud of how selflessly giving they are because no matter how much they are fucked over they soldier on. the coward is the one who hides behind his pride too chicken shit to show emotion & to instead use aggresion & arrogance to portray themselves as tough & dont give a shit when they are the true slaves to their own insecurities.

you are the weak. you know it. you block it. & we love it. coz we are real. & you are empty. & we prosper. that is the truth. that is the reality.

that is the deep shit you cant do jack shit to not give a shit when you do give a shit coz we know you burning to make those around you think you dont give a shit but we know you do give a shit coz we know you are the piece of shit that wastes the time of the true soldiers who actually do give a shit.

the pride of the coward person. everyones had one of them in there life at some point. enjoy my thesis on them. im sure many can relate. & im one of the many that will spill it, coz i can, & coz im dam good at it.

bite me. rock on true soldiers your tough, you got balls, & you rock.


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