Introducing YecLite: A Lightweight Ycash Wallet for Shielded Transactions

Enjoy the power and privacy of shielded Ycash transactions on your personal computer, without needing to download the entire Ycash blockchain

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The Ycash Foundation is excited to announce the release of YecLite, a lightweight Ycash wallet that fully supports shielded Ycash transactions on computers running MacOS, Linux, or Windows. Download YecLite now:

The Importance of a Lightweight Option for Shielded Transactions

To fully appreciate the importance of having a lightweight option for using shielded transactions on personal computers, the requirements for running a “full node” like ycashd or YecWallet should be considered. These requirements include:

  • Indexing all the transactions in those blocks in order to build a database
  • Reindexing all those transactions to rebuild the database should it ever become corrupted

The Story Behind YecLite

YecLite was developed by Ycash software developers funded by the Ycash Foundation. It is a port of Zecwallet Lite, which was developed by the ZecWallet team. The ZecWallet team has achieved several important milestones for the Zcash network, including the first cross-platform desktop GUI wallet (ZecWallet), the first shielded paper wallet (ZecPaperWallet), the first shielded desktop light wallet (Zecwallet Lite).

Getting Started

To get started, download YecLite here:

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