The arrest of 47: Hong Kong Democrats arrested proves the Hong Kong juridical system has sunk

Real time update:

Mar 6: 11 defendants who originally were granted bail but appealed by DOJ are at High Court proceedings today. The hearings are divided into 3 parts, at 1000, 1130 and 1400.

The first proceeding is for defendants D8, D11 and D14; Cheng Tat-hung, Pang Cheuk-Kay, Ho Kai-Ming; Ho has been in the hospital since Mar 4, so he cannot attend the hearing today. Judge denied interim bail for the three defendants.

The second proceeding began for defendants D17, D20,D24, D26 at…

protesters holding slogans to support human rights in Uyghur, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan (Apple Daily)

China has always been heavily criticized by human rights organizations for its infamously inhumane treatments to the people of Xinjiang. Uyghurs, or Uighurs are an ethnic minority group that resides in Xinjiang northwest China. The Beijing government has been imprisoning and killing the turkic muslims, sending them to indoctrination camps, or what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would call “vocational and re-education centers”, forcing them to forsake their religions, beliefs, heritage. Inside these camps, Uyghurs are forced to study Mandarin all day, everyday. The muslim community is banned from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan or visiting mosques. Mosques…

“I have been living in fear and disguise for a year. I had to be silent, because I was scared of what the Hong Kong police or the CCP might do to me and my family. The truth is, I am tired of hiding. Why should I? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“What’s your name? What’s your name?” A female journalist’s yells pierced the air as the evacuation warnings on the platform of Prince Edward MTR station rang. At first Jim didn’t know how to react, but as he slowly awoke from the shock of being pressed down by a…

Why can’t Hong Kong just “let it go” and is IPCC is useless?

Hong Kong Police padding shoulders with Yuen Long mob members on Jul 21 2019

July 21, 2019, is one of the many darkest nights of Hong Kong modern history: numerous locations in Yuen Long, Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai, were terrorized by hundreds of gang members in white after a protest held on Hong Kong Island. Armies of triads-looking men, were all dressed in white, carrying and waving bamboo sticks, iron poles; some were even equipped with long machetes, attacking citizens in the areas.

While this might be complicated to some to understand, it is a no-brainer anyone would…

Hong Kongers crushes “China’s dream” using their will to fight for freedom.

July 11 was one of the most important dates on Hong Kong’s imminent fate as thousands of citizens bore the scorching heat of Hong Kong summer by queuing up and voting for their favourite pro-democracy district councillors in a pre-LegCo-election.

Hong Kong is in a bad romance and China is forcing himself on her.

China has been pushing and pushing Hong Kong closer to an inescapable corner with its national security law. China has been able to use the very same law to oppress its people from speaking up or have any sort of disagreement with its country. We all remember the student protesters in Tiananmen Square who were brutally attacked and murdered by its own country, yet China has been trying to convince us we are in La La Land.

China’s PLA saluting to the national flag (Reuters)

Imposing the national security law onto Hong Kong is…

Bye Lion Rock. Hello Silent Hill.

616 is a special day for Hong Kongers. Last year on the same day, 2 million people took to the street to object the extradition law, asked Carrie Lam to step down and screamed for universal suffrage.

One year on, the fight continues.

2 million Hong Kong citizens rallied on the street for the anti-extradition movement in 2019 (online)

Hong Kong has been living in a miraged paradise, given a lot of empty promises by the government. Since Carrie Lam became the leader of Hong Kong, democracy and freedom have quickly deteriorated. The once-florescent town now becomes the survival horror in Silent Hill.

Recently the HKGOV released a “promotional” video…

A LegCo member shares his less-than-human detention experience by HKPF.

Hong Kong Police making arbitrary arrests with excessive force on the night of June 12, 2020. (online)

**This is part 2 of Is China using the pandemic to end Hong Kong?

If you have not already, you can read part 1 here.

Hong Kong protesters opening up the road for an ambulance (online)

As we continued to look into the pandemic timeline, we will also look closer into China’s more aggressive approach to control the Hong Kong legal system in 2019 and why the world should care.

During 2019–2020, citizens of Hong Kong have been facing not only the risks of being infected with coronavirus but also the suffocating strangles from the local government. …

And why the world should care about #612HK

By now, the entire world probably is sick of dodging the deadly illness, coronavirus, or COVID-19, or Wuhan coronavirus.

a doctor was seen outside a hospital embracing fresh air (AP)

Not only the pandemic took millions of lives, putting the globe on a standstill, but it has also woken up the entire world: Every country has experienced shortages of medical supplies, food supplies and panic buying. The only thing that kept the world laughing must have been the viral videos of people fighting over toilet paper. (Seriously, how much toilet paper does one need?)

As more reports come to light, such as the satellite traffic images showing Wuhan Hospitals experienced a drastic increase of visits before the virus became pandemic, China probably…

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