This ugly DIY house can teach us something

This nifty image was first published on the Yellowfin blog.

The ill-fated Sutyagin House in Russia is a story with a powerful moral for business decision-makers. It teaches us that DIY is not always the best idea. If you’ve ever waded through spreadsheets full of numbers trying to figure out what the next step is, you know what I’m talking about.

For data-driven business decisions you have to do data management right, or it will end up a hot mess like this. The number 1 lesson — Start with trustworthy data.

Ask these questions:
 — Is the source of your data reliable? 
 — What format was it published in? 
 — Can it be tampered with? 
 — Who has access to the raw data? 
 — What processes does it go through before it reaches your users?

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