Solar Sharing and the 4th of July

By Josh Rubman

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and temperatures are beginning their steady climb into typical summer grandeur. Likely, you've already begun planning with friends and family for the holiday weekend ahead.

But have you begun planning your energy future?

Here’s why the sun that shines on your family BBQ this 4th of July weekend should also power your everyday:

1. Celebrating America on the 4th

What greater backbone does America have than its industry and all the hard workers that support it? When you make the decision to go solar (on your own roof or another one nearby), you support local jobs within your community.

Furthermore, the solar industry itself is a huge catalyst for future growth in the American economy — a catalyst that has seen jobs created at a rate of 20 times the national average. Shared solar is set to grow to seven times its current size in the next 2 years alone, according to GTM Research. That will be a huge spur to American industry and neighborhood cooperation.

2. Sharing Underutilized Assets:

Helping everyone access: cleaner, cheaper, smarter electricity.

When communities come together sharing solar power turns unused assets throughout the community into a productive resource. Rooftops that just sat in the sun before can now use that sunlight and turn it into clean energy and lower bills. Everyone can participate, whether they have the roof for solar or tap into another local solar roof. For the millions of Americans who aren't able to put solar on their own roof — either because they rent or have unsuitable roof space — Solar Sharing provides a way to save money, help the environment and offset soaring increases in utility electricity prices.

3. Celebrate Freedom, Celebrate Family.

When America attained independence over 200 years ago, we agreed to live as a nation that watched out for each other, as well as future generations. Now we have reached an unprecedented point in history: it’s our turn to step up to ensure that the next generation of Americans are guaranteed the sorts of freedoms we enjoy today.

Solar is a choice that makes a significant impact on the amount of pollution associated with the energy we consume, and changing how we produce that energy could mean more and better opportunities for our children.

This 4th of July weekend, remember that no matter what, the sun will keep on shining: the rest is up to you.

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