Character Profile #2

This is the character profile for the second character I’ve drafted. Zayan El Fahid is an physically fit introvert with a stutter, who’s also a medical student. Within the world I plan to draft around these characters, he also plays host to K’dar, the Strand of Darkness, which grants him a power unlike no other which he can use to make his dream a reality. But this power comes at a price no one should be willing to pay.

What do you think about the character? Is his backstory compelling? Does his physical appearance match his personality? Does he feel cohesive as a character? All criticisms are appreciated!


Zayan El Fahid





Sexual Orientation:





20th February 2028




Al Khor, Qatar


5 feet, 7 inches



Favourite Food:


Blood Type:



First-year Medical Student


K’dar, Strand of Darkness

Notable Abilities:

Abyss Drive: Zayan has the ability to access K’dar’s domain, the Lacuna; a completely empty space which coexists in the same timespace as our dimension. Weak willed living beings who enter this realm die immediately, whilst the strong of heart are driven insane by the darkness over time. He is able to open rifts by pressing his hand to a surface and thinking about the location where he wants to go. He does not need to have visited the place beforehand to teleport to it.

However, a drawback of being able to access the Lacuna means that Zayan exists in two timespaces at once. Whenever he uses his Abyss Drive to teleport, he loses some of his memories of our world. The memories he loses are dependent on the distance he travels. He can only regain what he has lost by making sacrifices through usage of Mugen Yami, another one of his abilities.

Shadow Mass: Zayan is able to select a person and add the weight of other objects to their shadow by combining them. This forces the person under the effect of this ability to feel as if they’re being pulled by their shadow.

There is no limit on the shadows he can combine. If we wanted to slow his target down, he could combine their shadow with that of another person, so that for the person in question, it feels as if they are carrying somebody. However, if he wanted to outright destroy his opponent, he could attach the shadow of a building to a person, pulling them apart instantly.

As this ability allows him to directly manipulate shadows, it causes Zayan to slowly become more attuned to the absolute darkness of the Lacuna. This causes him to undergo physical deformations every time he uses this ability. The severity of the deformation depends on the size of the shadow he manipulate. Combining the shadows of a person and another person will cause a small change such as the darkening of his sclera. A larger combination would result in a more drastic alteration like growing horns or large scars around his body.

Mugen Yami: A core ability for Vessels of K’dar. Since all of Zayan’s other abilities require him to pay a toll, this ability allows Zayan to regain what he has lost by paying the ultimate price: another human life.

Usage of this ability causes Zayan to enter the Lacuna with his target. The victim is temporarily protected from the immediate soul devouring effects a non-Vessel usually undergoes upon entering K’dar’s domain, for a fate worse than death awaits them. Light cannot exist within the Lacuna, so the first effect Zayan’s targets experience is blindness. From then on, they start losing the rest of their senses.

At that point, the victim is more than likely to be experiencing a fear unlike any other. Utilising this fear and the darkness inside of his target, K’dar assumes full control of Zayan’s body, forcing him to rip out their heart and devour it. Once their heart has been consumed, K’dar allows the victim to be sustained by the dark energies of the Lacuna, only to reap more suffering from them. The target regains their sense of touch only so they can feel their body being ripped apart by tendrils of shadow energy. No trace of the victim is left behind.

This is one of the few Strand abilities which does not have any kind of drawback. The payment of another life is enough to sate K’dar’s hunger for suffering. As a result of making this sacrifice, K’dar allows Zayan to reclaim some of the memories lost through usage of Abyss Drive.


“It is well known that darkness cannot exist without light. Is this the same for the darkness present inside all of us? I would wager that the right answer is no. If there is anywhere in this universe where darkness is most abundant, it is within the human mind and soul.” – Kou Le Danse, Multiverses: They Are Present in All of Us

Since his childhood, all Zayan has known is fear and sadness. Responsible for the death of his mother since birth, his father outright refused to show him any sign of compassion. Due to this, Zayan tried his absolute hardest to win his love and respect by participating in the same activities as his twin sister Yazen. Since his father was the legendary boxer, Halir “Thundering Fist” El Fahid, now retired, these activities were mainly athletic in nature, including long distance running, swimming and basketball. However, he couldn’t quite cut it. First place was always taken by Yazen, only leaving him to take second place at most. For his father, that wasn’t good enough.

20th February 2038; Yazen and Zayan’s 10th birthday. Their father threw them a birthday party, however it might as well only have been for Yazen. Whenever a guest questioned his two children, Halir simply shrugged his shoulders and said “Two? I only have one child! And she his my pride and joy!”, with the biggest smile on his face before bringing his hand down to ruffle Yazen’s hair. Fed up with being denied an existence, Zayan rushed upstairs and gathered all of his second place trophies and medals. If his father wouldn’t acknowledge him by his own, he would make him.

He brought everything downstairs and dumped them at his father’s feet, begging for him to call him his son. With a crowd present, Zayan thought that he would have no choice but to accept him. He had never been more wrong in his life. With all of his might, right in front of everyone, his father brought his fist down and struck Zayan, right in his face. The punch was such a shock to Zayan that he was unable to speak properly again; he developed a stutter which would stick with him for the foreseeable future. From that day onwards, a darkness began to accumulate inside of Zayan. He grew to resent his father and everything he did to him.

After pulling such a stunt in front of all of his father’s friends, Zayan would have been abandoned to the streets of Al Khor if it wasn’t due to Yazen’s pleading. It was the first sign of care anyone had shown him since he was able to walk on his own two feet. Not wanting to risk losing his “pride and joy”, Halir stuck with Zayan and moved his family over to the 4th Ward in London in 2040, where he used his status as a famous boxer to open up a gym, mainly to escape the embarrassment Zayan forced on him after the little stunt he pulled at his birthday party two years ago.

Things started looking up after they moved to the 4th Ward. Zayan began to develop his own identity by pursuing his own interests such as biology, cooking and art. His study in biology allowed him to pass the entrance exams for the Katro Medical Academy with flying colours.

However, Zayan could never truly be happy with his life. The darkness from his childhood was still there, deep inside of him. It had been pushed to the recesses of his mind, almost forgotten. There was an emptiness in his heart which had been gnawing at him for over 10 years. Only by fulfilling his darkest desire would he truly feel happy. K’dar, the Strand of Darkness would grant him the power to do just that.

For a price.

Physical Appearance:

Build-wise, Zayan is of average height. Due all the exercise he did as a child, he is quite fit, but not to the point where you can clearly see all of his muscles. His skin tone is a caramel colour.

He has quite dark brown eyes which complement his skin. The best way to describe his hairstyle would be as a shock; it is unkempt mess of black hair which shows no sign of ever being combed. It seems to stick up in certain places without gel being used. His nose is slightly pointed, his cheeks are quite puffy and his lips are plump.

His usual attire consists of black sweatshirts with quotes from famous authors, artists and philosophers written on them in a bold white font. His standard trouser wear are blue denim jeans which he pairs with black trainers. For someone without a mother or any kind of parental figure, he has developed quite a fashionable style. However, the marks of not having that kind of guidance still show with his messy hair and the fact that creases can clearly made out on his sweatshirts and trousers.

The only accessory Zayan likes to wear is a white baseball cap which he uses to protect his eyes from the Sun. It has no special designs, however he never leaves his room without it.

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