How to Cope with a Bad Day at Work?

We can’t avoid some bad days at work but we can leave these awful things behind and prevent making the same work mistake again in the future. Find out how to get over a bad day at work in this article.
When you have a bad day at work, it seems nothing goes on right track from the smallest thing. Of course you don’t want to bring your bad work day home. We can’t change the fact that it happened but you can get over a bad day at work and might be prevent similar event in the future with these following tips:

1. Identify the root of your bad day at work

Where did it come from? Your boss, your coworkers, your customers or yourself?

- Your boss? He yelled at you for your mistake in front of your colleagues? He made you annoy with his micromanagement style? He might also get angry with you, so try to talk to him in the next day or other suitable time to find a mutual voice.

- Your bad coworkers? They gossiped behind your back or isolated you? It’s a suck because you couldn’t point at their face or inform your manager.

- Your difficult client? It’s a headache issue because the customer is God. I would hazard a guess that you are working in service sector. It is inevitable, no need to make your mood down.

- Stress at work? Overload? Ask yourself why you chose this job to find a solution. You work for money or follow your passion?

Identify the origin of your negative emotion is the initial step to take further action.

2. Leave all problems at workplace

I know it’s hard but possible to leave it behind your back and go home. You need a change from your perspective. Assume that you would bring your bad workday home; think over and over again during the evening and night time. Could you change anything which already happened? Definitely no! But you can take this time to assess thoroughly your behavior today, what you make right and wrong to discover the lesson in this experience. If it’s your mistake, admit it and find how to fix on the next days. Everyone makes mistakes, but the difference is how to correct them.

3. Allow yourself a certain amount of time overcome negative feelings.

The emotion of disappointment or frustration is very common in this case. When you are in a bad mood, you may feel that the whole world turns against you. It’s unwise to make any decision at this time. Don’t keep your problem alone, you will feel better when being understood. Tell it to someone you trust, you can both relieve the stress and get perspective from an outsider.

After leaving the office, you should take a slow walk to keep calm down. Playing a sport or doing some exercises like yoga, biking, aerobics can help you refresh your mind. Endorphins and serotonin released during and after exercises are beneficial to your mood and help you reduce stress, especially when you exercise with your close friend or partner.

4. Do what you really enjoy

Do you have a hobby? It’s an effective way to enjoy your personal life. When getting stressed at work, you should spend time doing what you like to find happiness. There are a million choices for you, such as playing with your children, cooking your favorite dish and enjoy the dinner with the one you love, listening to your favorite songs, wearing your favorite clothes, doing your favorite exercise and so on. Whatever you do, the idea to remember is to replace your negative feelings by happy emotion. You are unable to completely empty your mind after a bad day at work. The trick here is to fill your mind with other thought of comfortable things. Remember to spend time for yourself as you deserve.

5. Evaluate the panorama picture to figure out solutions

When your depression is gone, it’s time to evaluate what happened. Do you realize the truth that most of bad things at work come from yourself? If you complete your work well, your boss couldn’t blame it on you. If you get along well with other people on the office and never gossip, I do believe that they will treat you the same. No bad boss, no bad coworker. If you can manage your time and handle your work well, you even can strike a work-life balance instead of keep diving in the deep sea of stuff.

To be a top performer at work is important in your career path, but you don’t need to do multi tasks at the same time. You should have a to-do list every morning to motivate yourself. Besides, it’s better to learn to find the type of your manager to have proper strategy and try to enhance communication among coworkers to get on well with each other.

If you hate your current job or it doesn’t fit you, don’t hesitate to seek another work that suits your ability and personality. In case you love your job, it’s time to reconsider your work plan and daily schedule. It hurts but either your time management or your multitasking skills need improving immediately. Ask for help when you need support since nobody can do everything well alone.

Obviously it’s impossible to avoid bad day at work. Hopefully these tips can help you get over your awful day more quickly with less influence on your personal life. Every single day you make a choice.

How do you cope with a bad day at work? Please share your experience in the comment below.