How to pick the perfect mattress
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I would have to say. Memory foam always seemed like a marketing ploy before the ‘mattress in a box’ folks came onto the scene. I could be wrong but I remember going into shops like Bensons to come into the unfortunate contact with their AWFUL sales people. Who would push uninspiring memory foam mattress designs ranging from soft to firm, that demanded huge price tags!

So at the start of this year something interested happened. As the editor in chief of the product discovery platform Slinky Studio. I have been able to test a huge variety of these new ‘mattress in a box’ creations. From eve, Casper, Emma & Hyde & Sleep so far. The type of comfort offered differs, but the underlying character of all these mattresses is much the same. They’re straightforwardly comfortable and the team here can conclude they unquestionably offer a deeper sleeping experience when compared to mattresses of the sprung variety and the bog standard foam varieties. I was surprised and it’s definitely an unlikely sector to receive such a radical shakeup. But actually we spend just shy of half of our lives on these things, they better be improving — right?

So we overlooked the quite brilliant marketing campaigns from all the big names on the new turf and can conclude these mattresses do offer something new and we wouldn’t reccomend getting anything other than this new wave thoughtfully designed creations. It has been an interesting journey and I’d love to hear others experiences?

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