If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
Benjamin P. Hardy

Anything worth doing is going to suck at the beginning. Anything worth doing is meant to require pain and sacrifice.

Nope. Many people are stuck in jobs that they hate. Fear holds them back because it is just plain common sense. You don’t jeopardize your family, your kids, taking chances on a new career. No one smart people don’t leaves a job unless they have something better. The common mistake we all make is not finding ourselves before we marry. Once we marry there is too much at stake to lose changing in midstream. Unless life throws you that curve ball… job loss, ill health, or a natural disaster, an accident. You adapt to survive. You call on friends and family to help. Never burn bridges or spit in water you may have to drink as they say. The percentage of business failures by entrepreneurs is staggering. Few make it by schooling at nights, having a mentor, or some cash from dad. Some fail even with all that. Psychologists never tell you that in today’s world of global competition good instincts and connections matter more than perseverance. It’s a crap shoot where even luck can make a difference. But life is what happens when you make other plans and the best laid plans of mice and men… even your color can determine your odds. Because with that comes opportunities and education which can hold you back when the elites already have those advantages. Then there’s life in a Third World country where pep talks like this without resources and opportunities mean nothing.

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