The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

I didn’t vote in 2016 because I didn’t care for either candidate. I’m 64 and voted every election since I turned 18. My non-vote was a protest vote. I reserve the right to criticize both because I felt betrayed when the Dems tried to ostracize Sanders. That was not very Democratic. Then again that Party is Republican Lite ever since Hillary said that incremental change was better than none. That is the same as “trickle-down economics” for the working class. I am now registered Independent and would have voted for a good third Party candidate had there been one. And I’ll be damned if either of the two Parties have any real leaders who would defend the Constitution and the working class other than patronize the 1%, Wall Street and Big Business. Hillary also said that politicians have two sides, one for the common voter, and one for the wealthy donor. Since no man can have two masters, take a guess which side they go mall out for. It ain’t us Allan.

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