Nazis Make Big Comeback In Europe After Last European To Remember WWII Dies
Allan Ishac

South Korea announced it is going the nucleeeeaaaaar route. Japan is worried about North Korea and is undertaking more measures to build up it’s defense. Germany is reluctant to take in immigrants as many countries are, or at least as far as their alt right is concerned. Expect more radical Nazi type rises thgere. Spain is having it’s own problems with Catalonia, and Russia is still warring with Ukraine. The world has so many conflicts going that can potentially set off a ticking time bomb. Similar to the ones that set off World Wars 1 & 2. What is scary is that in at least over a half dozen countries we have leaders that resemble Pre-Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Japanese Emperor types. It seems that as the oldest generation has died off the newest neglects the lessons of History. The difference is that this time the War to end all Wars will end all life.

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