Before Sentencing, Weiner Asked Judge For Leniency Based On Lewd Last Name
Allan Ishac

Warning! Distasteful comedy ahead. Stop now if you are squeamish, prudish, religious, or biased. -Rollmeover in the clover (lay me down and do it again).

The Ossining NY’s federal prison football team can’t wait for their new “tight end” Carlos Danger. Cigarettes are being traded for jars of Vaseline in anticipation. Weiner pics are hanging on cell walls. And bets are being placed on how much slippery action he can muster in their first game. “It looks like a win-win situation all around here!”says prison mascot Tranny Joanie “Joy-Koff” MaGurke who is picking out his best school girl outfit from his cheerleader days. “So proud that I can still fit in this all these years later. And Weiner has kept himself in such great shape. I hope to do a lap dance or three on him at half-time”.

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