10 reasons for YOU to Garden Indoors!

1. It gives you something to do during ‘’bad’’ weather

Most of us stay indoors when it’s raining outside or very windy rather than go outside. If you barricade yourself indoors, why not have a few plants you can take care of while waiting for more sunny days?

2. Adds color to your home

A lot of green!

Plants and flowers all come in different colors. Instead of buying a pretty but expensive painting, get some potting mix, a plastic cup and plant a few pepper seeds from the last pepper you cooked with and grow some decoration. It’s much cheaper than a painting and might just give you more peppers to harvest later on!

3. Gives you something to look forward to

My particular garden craze is all about chilies. I have germinated a bunch of different chilies in my indoor garden and I take several moments a day to imagine what they will look like in a month or two months. As plants grow they tend to surprise us. Look at your own plants or the soil-filled mugs you’ve just planted some seeds in and picture what they will look like when they grow up! And dream big!

4. Entertains your green fingers while you wait for spring

Can’t grow much in this!

Maybe you prefer growing outdoors compared to growing indoors. If you like me however live in a temperate part of the world with hot summers and cold winters, there will be a considerable amount of time you won't be able to grow anything outdoors. While waiting for spring you can in the meantime plant some herbs indoor like basil! Get those gardening cravings satisfied!

5. Gives you an excuse to play with soil

Hey maybe it’s just me but there is something deeply satisfying in playing around with soil getting your hands dirty. Maybe it’s my inner child that has not grown up yet. If you suspect you have an inner child eager to get dirty but do not have a socially accepted outlet for that desire, start gardening indoors and say you are just gardening! I won’t tell anyone ;)

6.Grow your own food!

Black Pearl Chili

Yes it is actually possible to grow your own food indoors. I have been successful in getting chilies to bear fruit indoors. There is a wide assortment of things you can grow indoors that you can eat like many herbs, fruits and greens like lettuce! And they’ll taste better than the ones you buy, because they will be infused by the care and love you will have put into raising them!

7. Just to admire the beauty

Plants are just so beautiful to look at! The bright green leaves and stems, flowers in all kinds of sparkling colors. The different ways plants will grow in, like the morning glories who put out heart-shaped leaves and climb and spin their snake-like stem around anything they can grab onto. Myself I take several moments every day and just admire the beauty of my plants.

8. Gives you something you can be proud of

If you got nothing else going for you in life get to gardening indoors. It is a very simple easy to get started into kind of hobby (or perhaps later, obsession) which can provide a great sense of accomplishment when you admire the beauty of the plants you have cared for since seed.

9. Gives you beautiful flowers that smell wonderfully

There are a lot of different flowering plants that you can grow indoors and get to, that’s right, put out flowers. I have found chilis put out their star-shaped flowers quite easily indoors and morning glories as well!

Cactus blooming

10. Because you love gardening

The best reason for doing gardening indoors is because you love it. If you love something then engage in it! Maybe you already garden outdoors you say. Having an extra garden indoors will give you more of the thing you love, gardening! It will give you new possibilities and challenges to overcome.

For whatever reason you have decided to garden indoors, would you like to share what YOUR favorite reason is for doing it? Post in a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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