A dead people

A great representation of today's youth, of today's society. Peacock vanity, fully engaged in the nothingness of social media, at any time connected to the whole world.

Still not satisfied.

It is a sad state of affairs that this is what the human being has been reduced to. An animal capable of only swiping, binge-watching series and being offended.

Modern man and woman fully dedicated to a culture here to replace all other cultures. The Culture of All. The Culture of No-one. The Coca-Cola Culture.

Where we once found diversity in the world we now find dull conformity. A bland sameness. Where we once found men fishing for bountiful salmon in the north we now find McDonalds. Where once women baked apple pies from fruit they themselves had picked we now see them pick frozen packaged pies from the freezers at Wal-Mart.. Where people once employed local carpenters to build furniture they now go to their nearest IKEA and get a box of chair, bed or whatever it is they need.

Grey. Dull. Empty.

All of this represents the Coca-Cola Culture. The culture here to enslave us all. The god of this culture is consumerism. It does not ask for much (besides your human dignity and freedom). In return it will give you suffocating comfort. Bubble-wrapped thralldom. Extra Large serving of monoculture.

Anyone can be part of the Coca-Cola Culture. It is very egalitarian. It does not care for your skin color. Does not care for your language. It does not care for your history nor your traditions. All it cares for is that you obey, shop and teach your children to do the same. Rinse and repeat into oblivion.

Is it any wonder that the new world religion is neither islam nor christianity but rather Nihilistic Hedonism? Is it any wonder that you might feel confused, subjugated and empty? Of course not.

You’ve been duped all your life into thinking that meaning is found in the material. That happiness can be bought. That the newest gadget will cure your depression.

Lies. All lies.

I get it. I was duped too. Society injected me with the anesthetic poison that is relativism like everyone else. You don’t need to feel stupid about it. Most of humanity falls for it.

The zombie flicks are real. We are indeed living in the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are mindless consumers all sharing the same rotten culture. They congregate in their temples (McDonalds) and viciously attack anyone straying (traditionalists, tribalists, nationalists etc.) from the horde.

Can we revive our people? Can we regain our freedoms, our dignity?

Perhaps. It will take work. Hard work.

But where there is a will, there is a way.

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