Meanwhile, in Sweden #1: Crazy feminists

So the explicitly feminist party in Sweden (‘’Feministic Initiative’’) has recently elected a new party leader. A black woman, Victoria Kawesa, who is going to lead the party alongside the former communist, former (?) alcoholic and hater of all that is good, Gudrun Schyman.

The new party leader Kawesa has already made a ruckus in Swedish social media with the incredibly mindboggling statement ‘’White criminals that are jailed for severe crimes are not expelled’’. She made this statement in relation to a proposal from Feministic Initiative. They propose that no matter the severity of a crime committed, no criminal will be expelled from Sweden.

Kawesas twitter-profile reads as follows:

Anti-Racist Intersectional Post-Colonial Black Feminist. Anti-Racist Spokesperson for the Swedish Feminist Party (Feministiskt Initiativ, F!).

A complete nutjob in other words. Don’t believe me despite her twitter-profile? Well, she is also an ‘’adjunct professor’’ in Gender Studies at Södertörn University.

Turns out that this feminist anti-racist nutter is a hypocrite aswell (I am as shocked as you are)! Kawesa has expressed opposition to Swedes using the RUT-avdrag (a form of tax deduction you can apply for in Sweden, applied for cleaning, maintenance and laundry) since she believes it exploits women from Eastern Europe who have immigrated to Sweden. Below is a statement she made a few ears ago:

A feministic perspective is needed in this debate. The ones cleaning are often times women from for example the baltic states, who are forced to leave their children behind, so that they can clean for wealthy swedes.

Isn’t it ironic that in 2014 it was found that Kawesa had previously hired a polish woman to clean for her, but stopped paying her after a while. The polish woman demanded she be paid for her services, but Kawesa stopped answering the text messages the polish woman sent her. Kawesa owed the polish woman about 11,000 swedish crowns (approximately 1,255 USD).

This was reported by the rightwing online news source ‘’Fria Tider’’, and after they wrote an article about Kawesa and her polish cleaning lady, Kawesa managed to cough up the money to the polish woman. Incredible!

She and her party have also been vocal about their moral support of the ‘’Black Lives Matter’’ movement in Sweden (a black supporting other blacks? You don’t say.)

Crazy I know right. This party almost managed to get into the Swedish Parliament during the election of 2014 (they recieved 3,14% of the votes, 4% or more is needed to become part of parliament in Sweden).

Will they make it over 4% in nexts years election? Perhaps. It wouldn’t surprise me, few things do surprise me in Sweden nowadays.

Sweden is really fucked at the moment. I write this article to warn people in other countries. Don’t let it get this far. Resist the cultural marxism! Fight it with all you got. Ridicule the communists and feminists and show the world that they are hypocrites and liars. Don’t let your country fall like Sweden is falling.

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