Highest purposes

Recently I watched a video from Productive Muslim company, which was so inspiring and motivating. I agreed that usual productivity theories, tips etc we used to listen to always came from non-muslim personalities, and this is bad, and muslims need special motivation, inspiration of another kind to live productive life. Because we, muslims are spiritual people, we are believers and productivity little bit different in our case.

Every muslim must have highest purpose, and that`s — to serve Allah subhanahu ua ta`ala! We all belong to our Creator, so this must become the meaning of our lives. And before we do every deed in our lives, we must have clearify our intentions, because as our beloved Prophet sallallahu aleihi ua sallam said, every deed is judged by intention! So, we have highest purpose then our intentions must be directod to it. Anything we do(good deeds), it must be intented to reach our main goal in life, to serve Allah subhanahu ua ta`ala! This is a pretty easy formula, but is the key to all happiness and good in both worlds!