Board Games. They Are a Thing.

My life is board games. Well, not my entire life. I still go to school, do my homework, read books, and occasionally write plays. But my social life kinda revolves around board games. It started slowly. Like many people, I played board games with my family as a child, mostly Uno and variations thereupon. Then, one day, I finally bought a game called Fluxx. Fluxx is an interesting game, characterized by shifting goals and rules. For a few years, it served my family game nights well. But then, one day, while surfing the internet, I discovered a YouTube video, that would change my life forever.

I always appreciated the Firefly reference in Star Fluxx.

TableTop is a YouTube show, where former Star Trek star Wil Wheaton plays board games with friends of various fame levels. I was taken in by this show, watching episode after episode, learning about all these different games. After I watched an episode where they played a card game called Smash Up, I knew that I would be buying it real soon.

The video that changed my life.

I see my purchase of Smash Up as the moment where I really switch into collecting and playing board games as my main hobby. I was learning more and more as I went along, pinpointing the games I thought would be the best additions to my collection. I found the review sites that I liked, and they shaped my wish list too. At this point, I’m proud of the approximately two cratefuls of games I have with me in my room. And while I do know to slow down, for both spatial and financial reasons, I look forward to the moment when I can pick up the next game on my list and try it with friends.

Ah, yes, playing with friends. Frankly, this is the reason why I have board games in the first place. It lets me engage in a variety of scenarios with my friends. Teaching friends new games is a joy, and having them enjoy it is an even greater delight. I surely do have more stories to tell, but for now, I say this: play more games!