How to Improve Profitability of your Letterbox Drop Campaign

Letterbox drop is undoubtedly one of the premium channels for generating leads and enhancing sales volume. With an effective campaign, you can surely reach the minds of your target customers through their letterboxes. Here is a brief guideline to help you make your letterbox drops in Sydney more profitable.

Try out varied texts and distribution dates

The text and title of your message can make or break your campaign. Your service or product may be the same, but if you present your message in a different manner, it can create all the difference in your business. Hence, try out with varied formulations to understand what works best in your letterbox drop campaign. Also, you may go ahead with different distribution dates, such as spring campaigns, weekend campaigns, and more.

Go for multi-channel advertising

Although letterbox drop in Sydney is one of the most cost-effective ways of promotion, there is nothing wrong in going for multi-channel advertising for a wider reach. For instance, along with delivering your promotional materials in letterboxes, you may also communicate with your prospects over social networks, as well as go for email marketing, SMS texts, and so on.

Communicate different product benefits

If you are marketing a flagship product that has a range of benefits, try communicating to your target audience in different ways. Within the same campaign, send across varied leaflet designs, and measure the effectiveness of each argument. For efficient measurement of the returns from each mode of communication, mark each group of leaflets or flyers with a unique discount code. In this way, you can conveniently understand what people prefer and which of your offers are generating greater number of responses.

Mold your message to suit your targets

This is especially important, if your target market constitutes people belonging to different age groups, interests, profession, and the like. Obviously you cannot communicate to senior citizens and younger people in the same manner. The different aspects of your message such as arguments, tones and illustrations, need to match the recipients’ perspectives.

Offer a free sample or a gift

It really works wonders! On getting a gift or a free sample in the letterbox, the recipient feels valued, which helps you create an impressive appeal at the first instance. This gesture is much appreciated by your target customers and goes a long way in brand recall.

Provide extra services and facilities

While designing leaflets, flyers, and other promotional materials for letterbox Distribution in Sydney, think about the consumer’s mindset and talk about the additional facilities and services that you can offer. Things like card payments, payments in installments, home delivery services, and other advantages may draw more attention and increase the response rate.

To further enhance the cash flow, you may consider a special offer to the first X number of orders that you receive. Again, by bringing down the validity period of a discount coupon, you can boost your turnover in a short span of time.

Avail the services of one of the best providers of letterbox drop and distribution in Sydney to guide you through all your distribution campaigns. Do not let your promotional endeavors go waste!

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