Is Religion Necessary?

Bill Maher interview with Ralph Reed

Religion is a controversial topic that has caused a lot of debate; nonreligious and religious people argue day and night over the causes and effects of religion. Religion itself an institution established by man with the purpose to do a number of things: Exert control, instill mortality, and stroke egos. The effects of religion have been both positive and negative. The positive effects of religion include its ability to bring people together, it helps validate our existence, and provides a moral compass. Religion can also be blamed for many of the problems that have happened in history, such as The Crusades, slavery; religion can also be pinned as the catalyst for many of the problems we face in society today, such as the widespread bigotry, wars, and racism.

Just as Bill Maher points out in the video above, religion is not a necessity to be a good person. Despite all the opposition, there is proof that people who do not believe in a higher power. There is no need for a religious commitment in order to be a better person.

We have reached a point in our society where we do not have to rely on something we cannot see to become a successful person. A moral compass can be developed without being religious. It is true that religion has a lot of benefits; it helps people cope with what’s going on in our society. However, it should be known that having faith is not the only way. There is another option out there that can do just as well as believing in something which there is no proof for.