Most websites are useless. So useless that they’re driving potential customers crazy.

They’re useless because they’re forcing the customer to spend valuable calories attempting to decipher a frustrating riddle; what do you offer, why should I care, and what should I do next?

Despite the fact that your website’s sole purpose is to generate leads, sales and to beat your competition, you naturally fill your site with content all about your own company, successes, and accolades. That’s what a website is for right?

Your website’s content should be about how to make your customer the hero, not yourself.

Make your…

When you look to beat your competition, you’re looking to remove yourself from them. Let me explain.

Pricing wars are a slippery slope and lead to your product or service becoming a commodity.

It’s a slope that 99% of businesses don’t want to go down, and it would be hugely detrimental to your businesses growth and longevity if you did.

Don’t kill your business

It’s hard when your competition underprices you and you feel the pressure to go further and further down the rabbit hole, lowering and lowering your prices. Doing this can kill your business. …

When it comes to brand development and business growth, creating and following a clear process is what can often be the difference between hitting your business goals, and missing them entirely.

We’ve found that start-ups that not only have a clear vision, but also a clear ‘process’ of how they’ll achieve that vision, are the ones that succeed.

You can have a clear set of brand values that your team can identify with, and even a core purpose to unify your team to your customers and create a common mission that everyone can get behind, but it all means nothing…

It’s often said that sales cure all business woes. We’ve worked with many clients that have had great products, a beautiful online presence, and even a nice volume of traffic, but their sales weren’t as they hoped.

Often a few simple tweaks to your business’s funnel and website can take your marketing spend from the red to the black. Try these 10 simple tactics to increase your conversions and send us an email to let us know the results.

1. Add screen data recording

Do you know the truth about your customer’s digital experience?

Our clients often don’t know where to start when it comes…

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