The African Vegan-itarian

For want of a better header, as advised by many medium posts. I thought that would be a catchy one to use. Well the picture above came about after a day of lustfully gazing at Pinterest posts and feeling empowered at the thought of leaving my sinful animalistic desire for meat and mercury packed fish for “Electric Foods

Apparently that’s the new name for alkaline foods or should I say the name I found from the barrage of posts about dead foods vs foods that are alive. Yet isn’t it almost comical, that in the name of being alkaline (if that’s ever possible as that sounds like something found in a lab). Anyways back to my initial point. Comical that in the name of being alkaline you consume foods that are “alive” surely that in itself sounds wrong. Which then leaves us with the most logical thing perhaps consuming air and the sunshine only.

Pardon my rather scattered and Un-composed post. It’s a reflection of my woeful attempt at being vegan. After a whopping 6 days I ran into the kitchen to grab some okra and cow-foot, which is currently de-composing in my innards, thus the reason for this incoherent post.

Back to the picture above. On the 5th day of my decision to become a Pinterest vegan-itarian, i was mighty inspired and got some green lentils. See recipe below to recreate the sumptuous meal above. It worked for 2 days but I couldn’t help the urge for rather non- electric foods


  • Green lentils half a bag
  • Onions (2 bulbs)
  • Curry
  • Thyme
  • Water (alkaline preferably 😂)
  • Something to cook with (Electric/gas/charcoal/lighter/paper)
  • Pot
  • Wooden spoon (apparently that adds flavour)
  • 1 Ripe plantain
  • 1 Nando’s peri peri salt
  • 1 vegetable stock (Kallo was my preferred choice)
  • Salt
  • Coconut oil spray


Pour lentils in pot, add water, add the 2 bulbs of onions leave to boil 30mins . At the 20th minute, add everything else listed above except the Nando’s peri peri salt. Leave to simmer. If you prefer your food runny then switch it off at the 25th minute. Prefer yours with less water then 30/35 mins should work for you.

For the plantain

Slice and dice as your prefer to have them shaped, spray your pan with some coconut oil, then add the plantain. Considering there isn’t a lot of oil in your pan. It will have a tendency to burn, so do not blink lest you have cremated plantains. Now drizzle some Nando’s peri peri salt on either side of the plantain and there you have it. Some African vegan-itarian version of healthy.

Hope it would pass with the vegans who know what it truly means? Do let me know by the comments below and clicking the I heart ❤️ icon. In the mean time, I have Pinterest to educate me.

Yetti’s kitchen