Valentine and it’s shenanigans

It’s 16;40 pm and I’m sat at my desk hoping he doesn’t make me leave my second love #adobeaftereffects

My fingers clicking on the mouse anxiously waiting for the front door to swing open. 17:01 and he walks in

Him: Are you ready for the dinner date?

Yetti: What dinner date

Him: we are going to Oxford, get dressed

Yetti: Oxford that’s a good 2 hours just for a date (that’s 2 hours I could have my trailer being rendered and colour graded)

Him: Common, don’t be so boring. Put something on and let’s drop the children off at the nanny.

Yetti: huh, nanny that another 45 mins away from where we live (if you haven’t gathered, I was intent on highlighting every negative about this valentine date. Just to ensure it’s cancelled and we order some takeaway instead)

Him: ok not to worry I’ll go drop the children off and come back for you

There’s a part of me that was sad, knowing he wasn’t giving up and then another part of me that lit up knowing that’s 90 more mins with my second love ❤️

He grabs the children, The sound of the exhaust litters the quiet neighbourhood and I literally switched off the light to set the scene with my ideal valentine date 😂

Don’t get me wrong loving my soul mate in the person of HIM isn’t the question here. It’s about the effort required to go for a dinner date. I’d rather have myself my comfy track suits and sweatshirt on for a dinner date, than all the fussing around that’s needed for the civil society we live in.

Transitions added, light leaks added to mask the cuts in the video edit, text and fonts added, composition time extended from an initial 1:40 mins to 5;45mins. Added the video to the render queue and bobs your uncle, I could liken that feeling to the moment you climax.

Ran over to the shower, using the anagram b.w.s (brush,wash.shave), if only pigs could fly I’ll add weight loss to the anagram.

It’s always that moment you need to wear a dress you realise the contours of your body doesn’t work with the shape the designer intended. No point wearing a figure hugging dress, when you’re on the plus side of the Richter scale.

It’s always at that moment you realise the eye pencil has run out and you have worn the same lipstick for the last ten years and it would be nice to surprise him with something more than wallpaper makeup.

These are the moments I wished I hadn’t skipped the YouTube make up tutorial ads. I really needed to know how to get my contouring right, the glow, the eyeshadow, perhaps some natural false lashes. But for the life of me I just couldn’t get it to stick.

I manoeuvred around all the hiccups that were intent to prove that I’d lost touch with the basics of womanhood. If it were cooking for guests and the online restaurant I’ll be sure to have a 10 steps to cooking yourself happy. But the basics for such an easy task as “get ready” I was slowly loosing grasp of it.

Dread locks wrapped with an elastic band, I thought to myself I could do better, this looks toooo chavy, foundation laid on my face, and half way through it I realised I needed another layer to cover up the effects of my peanut butter sandwich midnight cravings.

Lipstick smothered on my lips with an eye pencil to line them. Pretentiously trying to jazz the same old formula up.

At this point he walks in …

Him: woooow, thanks for making the effort

Yetti: (phew, that felt like a marathon. Now I have a clue to what it feels like passing the womanhood test.)

Heading Over to crazy bear Oxford, roadworks and all, temporary traffic lights and you just knew this wasn’t meant to be. Could it be my second love had jinxed this whole event before we even left home?

After 1 hour of trying to find an alternative route, he had to cancel and settle for a local restaurant “las iguanas”

  • Meatballs “abondigas”
  • Bbq ribs with curly fries and slaw
  • A cocktail

And we shared a toast to our 10th valentine together. It certainly hasn’t always been rosy, considering our first valentine was at McDonalds with a hot chocolate.

But I can certainly say I’m more than a woman because of “him”

I’m a woman who puts her passion into everything she does from the online restaurant serving Northants and catering to events or home deliveries

To the promotion of Christian talents in the digital space, which is very content heavy and needs a lot of video directing, editing and graphic design

Or providing training to people who wish to get a career in technology

To the DIY lady who invests her time in interior decorating and hosting guests from air bnb

All of these talents wouldn’t flourish without the giver of all talents #Jesus and definitely a husband who is flexible and loves the track suit me and the attempt at womanhood me 😅


Yetti’s kitchen