“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or…

what’s a heaven for.” — Robert Browning

That’s you. On the stage.

Yexchange.TV — That’s you on the stage. Look at your audience. You’re the expert in your field. Your message is powerful and compelling. People’s lives will be changed.

You’ve rehearsed your presentation over and over in the mirror and with colleagues and friends. You are ready. Are you? Really?

Look again at the audience. Where are the greatest number of people? Where are they sitting? Now, look again where you are. Look at the back row of people. Now back at you.

How do you reach those people in the back row? Simple. Amplify. It’s that easy. Yet without amplification, your message — as great as it is — stands no chance of reaching those masses in the back row.

So to borrow from that Victorian era English poet, make sure your reach exceeds your grasp, “…or what’s a heaven for?”.



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