5 tips. +1: LinkedIn launches new volunteer service!



Last spring, a shelter in Berkeley, CA needed an architect to help it expand its facilities. A young architect who lives nearby had just made a New Year’s resolution to join a nonprofit board.
In an earlier era… [more]

And from the NonProfit Times here are 5 quick tips for working for volunteers:

  • Communicate clearly, broadly, and often.
  • Understand and forecast your volunteer needs.
  • Have clear and concise position descriptions.
  • Train your staff in volunteer management.
  • Institute a formal volunteer-recognition process.


Your volunteers can also tell powerful stories. Stories that drive the mission message deeper than just about anyone else can. Volunteer passion is unequalled in its intensity and opens pathways once thought impassible. The power of volunteer stories — Amplify your volunteers — Amplify their stories.


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