Sound of city

The technique I followed is an orchestra playing in the traffic.

My research is about john cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen and my idea comes from 4′33 and Helicopter String Quartets,

Cage’s concepts:

· Use any sound environment, including noise

· The use of “opportunity” (such as a coin toss, fortune-teller, etc.) selection order

· Completely abandon the formal structure

· Use of silence

· Widely used in various electronic and visual means

Helicopter String Quartets ,which is one of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s best-known pieces, and one of the most complex to perform, It involves a string quartet, four helicopters with pilots, as well as audio and video equipment and technicians.

4′33″, which is performed in the absence of deliberate sound; musicians who present the work do nothing aside from being present for the duration specified by the title.

After I watched their works, I think they are not making music they are try to find music and extend music. And I try to record sound in city and find the noise are not bad, they are amazing.

Base on Helicopter String Quartets I recorded sounds from four places which are a traffic light, a busy road, a construction site and front of Queen victorious building. Voices come from cars, electric saw, traffic light, a guitar, a robot and people. I cut and mix them together.

In my drawing, I used zigzag lines show cars and electric saw, stave shows the music from guitar, broken line shows robot, wave shows people talking and points show the traffic light.

and here is my final drawing and sound record


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