I got few hours before getting on my flight, so this is the absolute timing to write.

It has been a long while since I had the idea to write. Like properly having some kind of output that is completely mine. And as many bloggers suggest, it would be a meditation process to clear up the mind. Language wisely, I decided to write whatever came out of my mind, I’d just let them flow as they are in my head…

For the last 16 days I’ve been travelling in Taiwan with my parents. Apart from arranging all the itineraries (which I am very glad I can do for them) and having caught a fever and allergy, this trip had been nice and I had some proper time thinking…

Having an “an open mind” is a suffering when it comes to pin down what you really what to do and what you are really thinking. I had suffered this not only at work (where I always had second thoughts on a strategy and when deadlines are so close like they usually are, I had to present them when I haven’t thought through everything). But the much bigger suffering comes in life, and choices. So at this point I had some clearer findings about myself and this is something big for me:

I enjoy surprising people and make them happy.

学而不思则罔 思而不学则殆-LEARN AND STUDY they come hand in hand

I am not into 小美好 that much as before. For a thing to get done, it needs to be done with logics and reasons first, there is the market the government and the business as the structure, all the nice little add-ons are good but they will very unlikely to influence as much. GET THE GRIP. THEN IMPROVE.

My favourite idea for good impact is the receipt collecting box for NGOs across the whole Taiwan. Individuals are too busy to catch up with the receipt lottery made by the government for encouraging tax, giving them away both give away the neglected trouble, but also increased the possibilities of NGOs getting fundings from a simple labour. The government, individuals, NGOs, all 3 parties gained.

I love Pacific Ocean sooo much! Of course I had been studying about the Pacific people as an anthropologist student and this definitely has a lot to do with my love. But the ocean is just gorgeous and the driveway we took from Taidong to Hualian is just breath taking. I had enjoyed this driveway more than any touristic spots. PATTERN IS IMPORTANT. You learn how the ocean acts and it’s pattern, then you can go with it and use it to your advantage. Surely there are unpredictables but very few can avoid, and they happen at the odds, your daily risk management should at least cover some. Much like the market, watch and learn the pattern. Odds came, but betting on odds is way to passive. Not my kind of attitude.

Allergy has long been a mentor to my life. It came without any notice, and you tend to forget all the pains when you are well and just do whatever you like with your body. ALLERGY MAKES ME HUMBLE. For several years I have been chasing the line of reasoning, tests have shown that I have allergy to somewhat 30 kinds of all the ordinary food and materials at different levels. And I had hundreds of injections and medications for that alone. Then I met a completely different doctor who believes no single allergy test can be justified yet in this world. He suggests do nothing but relax and live as normal. It worked for me sometimes. This time, my doctor in Taiwan used generic allergy medications on me, and stated that “don’t worry about the why, if it happens two more time, find the why then”. It’s a different way of thinking. But yeah, I do have to document my allergy history.

There are still a lot more unknowns to me, but maybe capitalism and globalism have more impact than the political system? i.e. China and Taiwan?

Look back to history, most stories have happened, most ideas have happened.

I am not a foodie and find no extraordinary in many luxury items. I am very happy to enjoy the benefits of mass production and hand-made indie brands.

I love my mum and my dad. Like whenever.

There is no point to start something that isn’t different the first time people glance at it. It’s not worth your time and energy, your life.

Whatever I do, I need to do it for the cause I deeply believe in. Otherwise the Taoism’s “do nothing” is better.



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