Learn and build your first blockchain in 3 mins! BlockchainDemo and HashWorld make it possible

Everyone is talking about blockchain nowadays, but how many people really know what blockchain is? How many people will really read and digest any white paper? How many people have tried write some code about blockchain?

To unmask the mysterious blockchain, there are some cool projects going on.

Today we will talk about two of them.

1. The Blockchain Demo

Link: https://blockchaindemo.io/

Author: https://medium.com/@seanjameshan

This project is a web-based demonstration of blockchain concepts, you can simply click the “START DEMO” on the top-right to kick off. The process will guides you step by step to under what is blockchain, its basic concepts and how it works.

For example: Genesis block

Concept of genesis block


Concept of valid hash

In some steps, there will be some sample code (simplified) to help you understand the implementation.

Sample code

In the demo, you can get hands-on experience to understand “modified data” and “peer communication”.

Change the data will make hash invalid
Add peers to the network

This demo will definitely be the first thing you should try if you are a new comer to the blockchain world, and I believe you will learn the whole idea in just a few minutes.

2. HashWorld: Blockchain-based “Monopoly”

“Learn Blockchain and Earn tokens by playing games”

Link(open in mobile): https://game.hashworld.top/en/

This is a another project we find that can help people know about blockchain in an interesting way.

Basically, players will get free BTC/ETH and other coins every day by visiting landmarks, they can also bid for the lands to earn 10% of the total coins released from the land. Later there will be more features base on LBS to provide user more fun, like the Pokemon. Some “addictive” games are embedded into various landmarks, like this “Block clearing” games.

Secondly it becomes a platform to educate people about the basics of blockchain and the abstracts of other Cryptocurrencies when you click into each coin in wallet.

Digital Wallet

This is quite new project and it received several millions financing from renowned investors, such as Danhua, Will Hunting Capital and Wecash. Details can be found in this link: Popularize blockchain knowledge with gamification, HashWorld received $2 million Pre-A round finance from Will Hunting Capital and Wecash Ltd.

Currently this can be a entry point to the blockchain world with low barrier for normal people. Looking forward to the Hashworld with more LBS features.


To educate and promote the idea of blockchain, many people and organizations are creating cool projects like these two. Hope the effort from them will help everyone has a proper understanding of the blockchain technologies, not just being crazy about the price of BTCs.