Learn blockchain by playing games? These Tsinghua geeks create HashWorld

Translated from GEEKPARK, 2018/02/13

“Earn tokens by playing games”, is this idea clever?

As Bitcoin price surges in 2017, blockchain and digital currency markets represented by ICO have grown explosively. People’s attention has expanded from the mainstream digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethernet to thousands of types of other digital currencies.

However, complicated white papers and difficult-to-follow operational procedures baffle junior users to get in touch with blockchain and digital currencies. They lack a clear and concise cognition entrance, and it is even more difficult to distinguish qualities of various blockchain projects.

Now, a team from Tsinghua University has developed a virtual “monopoly” game that aims to educate users blockchain knowledge with gamification.

Earn tokens by playing games

Link: https://game.hashworld.top/en/

Recently, the demo version of this game named “HashWorld” has been released. Users can play games to “mine” tokens and complete tasks to obtain high-value digital currency such as bitcoin presented by the game. Beginners can both enjoy the fun of mini-games and earn some real money as digital currency. From the producer’s stance, HashWorld spreads blockchain knowledge to users through mini-games and token-giving, thus fulfilling the educational and promotional goal.

Now that you own some digital currency, you naturally need a wallet to store them. Most of the digital wallets on the market are too complicated to operate and understand for novices. HashWorld is expected to be the first lightweight digital currency wallet at the mobile end and digital asset trading platform for junior users.

Play “Monopoly” and Understand Blockchain

The HashWorld team believes that the digitization of assets is an inevitable trend for future development, which is of great significance for clear property rights, reducing trade friction, and increasing the liquidity of assets. HashWorld designs a 1:1 parallel world game map with the real world. In the initial stage, the game will establish an LBS mechanism. After users purchase a virtual land, whenever other users play game at that location in the real world, the land owners will get a certain percentage of entrants. Based on blockchain technology, HashWorld is able to guarantee that each piece of virtual land is unique, freehold, and free to trade. Even HashWorld administrators cannot change landowners or land profits, which is fundamentally subversive and denies the black box operation.

High quality blockchain traffic entrance

The founder of HashWorld, Yinghao Jia from Tsinghua University, is also currently the president of the Student Blockchain Association of Tsinghua University. Jia began to pay attention to blockchain technology 5 years ago and has published many columns in the core media within the industry. The technical staffs of HashWorld mainly come from department of computer science and technology in Tsinghua University and have several blockchain basal technique development experiences. HashWorld has received the angel round investment from Danhua Capital.

Jia believes that through the game display and distribution of tokens, HashWorld can build high-quality blockchain projects the awareness among junior users, enabling these high-quality projects to gain more users and attention. At the same time, as the junior users’ preferred digital asset trading platform and digital currency wallet, HashWorld could become the entry-level blockchain eco-platform in the near future.

“The goal of HashWorld is to let users understand digital currency and blockchain through games, and at the same time, to introduce quality blockchain projects to their user community,” said Yinghao Jia.

Will this game be successful and last long? Does it really lower the cost of entering the blockchain world? We can keep these in mind and see how it goes.

Interested people may join their community.

Telegram: @hashworldglobal

Link: https://game.hashworld.top/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HashWorldGlobal/

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