A very important tool in our life.

The lesson plan is an everyday tool in the life of teachers, since it allows us to draw a route to follow in our practices, allowing the planning of our classes, the selection and integration of the topics, the designing of the activities and the structuration of the objectives that we want to achieve and other elements that will contribute to the performance and conception of a well-structured class.

In the class of “Methods and approaches in the teaching of languages”, we had the opportunity to create a lesson plan for another teacher in order to help her to develop a class with her students; this was very helpful because we could aprecciate how is to design a class and the activities. Likewise, some factors like the time and the effort that we put in this project made us understand the importance of a lesson plan, since it is a constant tool in our pratice that we need to control and apply correctly.

Personally, I believe that this activity was very useful for us as future teachers, because not only made us create a lesson plan but in the middle of the process we were also encouraged to design authentic material to support the students in the assignments and the achievement of the purposes according to our lesson plan and the topics and objectives that had been proposed.

Although, I am aware of the importance of a lesson plan in the development of our classes, also I cannot deny that as soon as I knew that we were going to design a lesson plan for another teacher I felt a little bit nervous because even when I knew the topic, I mean, I had the theory but I had never designed a lesson plan for another teacher; in our particular case, for example, we were working with two teachers of whom we only knew the names (Ana Karina Rodriguez and Monica Lopez) so we had a lot of expectations because we really wanted to do a good job, because we put all our effort in this project and we expect that it will be very useful for the teachers Ana Karina and Monica, I am excited about what we going to obtain with this.

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