I’m Sorry I Didn’t Respond to Your Email, My Husband Coughed to Death Two Years Ago
Rachel Ward

Dear Rachel

I would’ve said that I could relate to you since I’ve lost my husband last December from a very short illness time. but I won’t. The truth is, nobody knows how you feel, just like nobody knows how I feel. All I know is somehow I am expected to be one who care enough to everyone who has shown their condolences to me. Why in the world should I care about their feeling? I’m the one who’s losing half of my soul for crying out loud!

I think we live in the crazy world where the victim has to play the doctor for everyone who ‘cares’ about what we’ve been through. Well, I’d say: “Suck it! My pain is mine alone and not yours and please don’t make this about you!”

Thank you for this piece though.


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