Fashion: The boom of Vintage Style

Vintage style is always the fashion lucky devil. It is a trend that quite a few big brands favor to mix certain retro elements to their new design products in order to attract the public’s eyes. Nearly every year fashion designers will grasp inspiration from past popular trend. Vintage style successfully refreshes the old fashion and injects new vitality.

Vintage style like a gust of wind soon blows all aspects of our lives. It is a common phenomenon to see fashion-girls wear vintage clothing and bags strutting on the streets everywhere. Advertisers consciously advocate products with the slogan of “back to the old good days” to evoke people’s memories of earlier time. when you go to barbershop to change your hair style, your hairstylist may ask “How about retro style?” It makes clear that vintage accords with public aesthetic view.

Even in the online shops, the vintage style layout is put in a conspicuous place of the screen to attract people to click. Modern technology motivates the development of vintage influence among public. Like many stylistas shot videos and upload on YouTube to introduce how to make up of vintage sense. The combination with social media make vintage be great welcomed by young people.

There is no doubt vintage fashion is making a comeback. Whether on our TV screens, in our magazines, or in our stores, styles from decades ago are suddenly popular once again. While the idea of making the old new again isn’t, vintage styles today have crossed over into the mainstream.

Why vintage becomes so popular? Some reasons account for it. Consumers buying vintage believe that mainstream fashion is less unique and high street fashion is too generic. There will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces such as ‘one offs’ and ‘investment buys’, consumers are discovering that vintage is not only adaptable to current trends but are often timeless classics that can become a wardrobe stable.

Another influencing factor is celebrities charm and the effect of media. Throughout fashion show and red carpet in recent years, vintage style is one of hot choices for many celebrities. To some extent, the dressing style of celebrities is an indication of fashion trend. Under the effect of celebrities, vintage is frequently mentioned by fashion critics through the strong power of mass media. Public are eager to follow the pace of celebrities. Vintage becomes a marker post of fashion and are popular among people.

Lily Allen is an good example. She is a singer and a talk show host in Britain. In 2010, she decided to stop her career at the peak of time for a period and soon announced her new career. She planed to devote herself to do a vintage business.

Lily Allen

“I’m doing a vintage clothes shop with my sister, it’s amazing stuff that would be really expensive but we’re renting it [out] for a fraction of the price, so girls can come and get dressed up for a night out and have a laugh.” Lily told It is worth mentioning that Lily’s fans have chance to get their hands of her collection of vintage clothing.

Lily Allen’s first design of vintage clothing will be on sale at Vintage At Goodway Festival, which is organized by her friends Hemingway. Hemingway is best known for setting up the hugely successful Red or Dead fashion label.

“There are lots of vintage weekender festivals,” explains Hemingway, “which celebrate a single niche — rockabilly, and they’re usually held in grim seaside resorts. This festival brings everything together. We wanted to celebrate the gamut of British creativity music, fashion, art and design, film, food — and give people a chance to dress up and be glamorous.” 
 “For many customers, vintage is about looking forward through the window of the past.” John Walsh notes, Back to the history of vintage style, it can be dated from the end of the last century. The rise of vintage fashion may be considered a response to the negative publicity and effects of fast fashion. Fast fashion is essentially a business model for companies to manufacture products in a large scale. This kind of fashion come fast as well as go fast. It is hard for fast fashion to leave great impression and memory on pubic.

Compared with fast fashion, vintage style, is totally different. It focuses on individual preference and satisfies the niche market. This is the era of showing off individuality. Everyone is eager to shape its own style. Vintage provide the opportunity for those people. Most vintage items take up a quite small part of market. It means that those retro items are precious and rare. Consequently, the price of vintage is higher than one’s expectation.

As Joanna Blythe notes “It’s a sound investment considering the booming designer vintage market. Halston has always been popular with fashion-lovers, but with its re-launch imminent, the price of vintage pieces is set to rocket. Here the consumer base has expanded from a small niche to everyone from celebrities to fashion lovers and investors.”

As vintage style is gradually accepted by increasingly people, how to lower the price of vintage items is a problem. Therefore, the rise of second-hand clothing shops is able to meet the public’s needs. Customers have access to buy vintage clothing in low price in second-hand shops. It seems that those shops have broader market.

Vintage Store

“I love vintage clothing. They are never out of date.” Lisa Hill says, her hands gently touch the red windbreaks and put it up the clothes hanger. Lisa’s father is the shop owner of a vintage store in Brunswick. More than 10 years ago, Mr Hill leased the store and did his small business. At the same time, he works in charity, so Mr Hill has opportunities to do a recycle business. People of charity give their staff to Lisa’s family. They are able to recycle some of clothing and accessories.

“Vintage style is a trend. The second hand items we sold cater to the customer’s demand.” Lisa says proudly, “Our customers are vast and different from women to men, from old to young. It is charm of retro style.” After Lisa finishes the words, two young ladies come to the shop. One of the girls pick overcoat and fit on it in front of the mirror. After asking the price of overcoat, the girl buys the clothing without any hesitation. “They are my regular customers. You see, vintage is so charismatic.” Says Lisa.

“Because the price of second-hand clothing and items are reasonable. People are willing to buy. And it is sustainable.” Says Lisa. She knows there are many physical stores opens online service, people can buy vintage staff online. But her father does not plan set up online shop.” Lisa says the shop does very good business and it depends on word of mouth.

Susan Miller, a regular customer of Lisa’s shop is a big fan of vintage. “For me, vintage is the best style.” Showing the hat she buys, Susan giggles “Those items have magic for me. I always think about their former owner. Who is look like, dose she like the items like me. I feel satisfied when I look those clothing and accessories. I believe each item has its unique story. That is the wonderful part of vintage.”

Susan explains why she is fond of second-hand vintage shops. “Not only because the low price, the concept of recycle is a good point.” She says genuinely. “I think vintage fashion and recycle are similarity. Some clothing we think out of date may become popular sometime. Fashion itself is a process of circulation. Recycling old clothing is an economic and sustainable life style.”

Actually more and more vintage consumers adopt the “repair, reuse, and recycle” attitude. This challenges the “throwaway fashion” idea as people hold on to garments longer and choose to repair them rather than discard them. The rise of vintage changes the public attitudes towards the fashion.

To some extent, vintage style encourages people make good use of old staffs to create new image. People take an old piece of cloth and doing something creative with it. It’s not about hugging the past — it’s about mixing old and new.

Now vintage fashions are thriving, some people may worry that it will became past time one day. After all, fashion trends come and go quicker than you can say.” But there will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces,” Bateman says. “In the future I think the price of quality pieces, such as designer items or one-offs, will rise, and the cheaper, more commonplace pieces will fall as more comes on to the market.”

The boom of vintage style does change people’s idea about fashion. It provides different possibilities about fashion. Encouraging designers to add new ideas to old staff, vintages has attraction to appeal public follow its pace. Also, vintage advocates a sustainable life style, which according with the conception of contemporary people. So it can believe that vintage is a forever topic.

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