Assignment Task 4 — Writing Scripts

Open Platforms are a relatively recent phenomenon and seen mostly in the energy and technology sectors. They have gained increasing prominence in the Internet world through the use of open APIs (Application Programming Interface). An Open Platform is an Open Innovation framework that leverages Open Standards to enable 3rd parties to add functionality. While Open Platforms have primarily been leveraged in the energy and technology sectors, applications are expanding into other industries, due to the increased penetration of digital technologies into everyday home and work life.

Open Platforms utilize standards to create interfaces and defined abilities to exchange data or connect to existing users on a platform. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide specific hooks and data exchanges that enable programs to run on an operating system or data to be exchanged between programs and databases.


Client side scripting makes more closely integrate a customer to client system, making them less likely to leave. It is enables others to build upon your tools and/ or data while bypassing a business development negotiation (JavaScript). Allow for deep customization without tying up client own resources. The client-side scripting makes use of the users Internet browser to run the scripts locally. Eliminate time and money spent on sub-scale business development.

I have used JavaScript for 3 different things in my website. First JavaScript is just for fun it is when people put the mouse cursor on the face image make change from the sad face to the happy face. Next it is image slice for my client I want to make more dynamic webpage for that customers do not feel bored.

The last is a JavaScript code to the reservation system. My client wanted the reservation page for the event and accommodation. So I made the reservation page for the client, my client has three types of rooms (Rose, Kara,) and every room has different size and facilities. Inside of JavaScript I made room section, price section and total price section. After this task is completed, all the code to work, I was so happy. Attached is a picture of these operations.