12 Yo’s Only Your Sisters Would Send

Because she understands exactly what you mean without you having to say it

1. The Yo when you both can’t stand Mom

2. The “are you jealous?” Yo location

3. The Yo “I know you stole my dress”

4. The Yo I think I hear Mom and Dad doing it 😳

5. The Yo I’m on the worst blind date ever please save me

6. You are the only person on the planet that would understand what this Yo means

7. Yo it’s 3am and I’m too drunk to drive…

8. You’ve been away a while and I still hate you but kinda miss you

9. We just had a stupid fight and I’m a little sorry

10. Yo, I ILYSFM and LYLAS, ya know?

11. Yo, check your email. Dad just emailed the whole fam something he meant to send only to Mom…

12. Yo, you were adopted.


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