9 Ways to Yo The Things You Can’t Say

Confrontation is hard. Sending a Yo isn’t.

1. Yo, your girlfriend is too LOUD

That awkward Friday night when your roommate’s girlfriend is over. Yo him until she pipes down.

2. Yo, you’re kind of cute.

Send a Yo to avoid that awkward “we’re not ready to text, but I’m too gross right now to send a selfie” stage.

3. Yo, like my Instagram!

For the betch at heart who needs to get to 11 likes in a matter of seconds. No need to send that desperate text or, god forbid, wait for them to see it on their own.

4. Yo, get here.

Your friends are late because of who they are as people. Resist the urge to send the passive aggressive text and just Yo Location that biatch.

5. Yo, take out the trash!

Yo that “Trash” group when it’s full to remind them that it, ahem, smells, and it is sooooo not your turn to take it out.

6. Yo, how’s the bar?

That one night you don’t go out and don’t want your friends to forget about you. Just Yo that “Bar” group and get in on the action.

7. Yo, it’s the morning after

We just hooked up and I don’t actually want to talk to you, but I might want to hook up again.

8. Yo, answer my text!

To the friend that “never saw it,” send a totally subtle reminder to check their phone.

9. Yo, I know you’re out with that cute girl but want you to be thinking about me

We got your back, Yo.

Awkward moments, no more.

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