A revYOlutionary hits his MILLIONTH Yo

A guest post by Raffaele Gaito.

I’m a developer. I love technology and new products. When I have a bit of free time I love hacking with new tools, services, APIs, etc.

When I first heard about Yo, I thought it was a joke! I started playing with their API and it completely changed my mind. I was fascinated by the concept of “zero characters communication” and “the notification is the message” and I decided to give Yo a chance.

There are three factors that really made this process easier:

  1. The Yo API is insanely simple
  2. There is a lot of code out there to study
  3. The Yo team developed several “basic” services

I spent a Sunday afternoon playing around with the API. I started with simple steps like: personal blog integration to notify new posts; backend integration in our games for internal use; etc. I even wrote a post with the title “I’m in Love with Yo”!

In order to better understand the API, I coded a very simple service in PHP called ALLYONEEDIS. All in 2 hours and 20 lines of code. It became one of the first services added into the Yo Index (now called Yo Store with over 150+ services).

ALLYONEEDIS consists of several channels: cats, food, girls, etc. You can subscribe to receive a thematic daily picture fueled by a simple cronjob running on my server that sends Yo’s every day. If you want more, at any moment, you can send a Yo to the service and it will Yo back a picture.

Like a newsletter, but Yo’ed

I’m proud to announce that ALLYONEEDIS just sent its MILLIONTH Yo!

This simple app created on a hot sunday has slowly built up a following of a lot of Yo users. And today subscribers receive daily push notifications of sweet puppies and juicy hamburgers all with a simple Yo.

Coming soon… a couple of new channels suggested by users

See original post on the official Yo Blog

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