Introducing the Yo Store

There’s a Yo for that

From the magical Instagram star Lil Bub to the official NBA and BuzzFeed, get real-time important and fun updates from all your favorite stuff.

We’re pleased to announce another big milestone here at Yo — the debut of the new Yo Store. With over 150 services on Yo, the platform had outgrown the original Yo Index, and we can’t wait for you to see what we came up with.

The new Yo Store is perfect for finding the best services you need to follow now for all those must have updates.

So Many Categories!

The services in the Store aren’t confined to just sports and cute cats. The categories range from Fun to Music; Productivity; Tech; and Travel.

Users can subscribe to USA Today for their Daily Top 5 Things To Know Now news update, or Huffington Post’s daily good news Yo, for some upbeat news. But it doesn’t stop there! Like music? Subscribe to Capitol Records to discover new music videos from their top up and coming hit artists. And your favorite TV shows! Get a Yo with a quick trailer from Shameless as a heads up that a new episode is about to air on Showtime.

How about sports…if you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, you would have been the first to know about their new stadium renovations this offseason, as their detailed plans were sent out in a Yo. Stay up to date with your favorite players; the Bucks (unfortunately) had to break the news that Jabari Parker had a season ending knee injury. THAT is the type of info sports fans need to know in real time.

Yo exclusives and behind the scenes from the Dolphins

New services are joining Yo every week, and they’re all free! Don’t miss out! Sign up for updates from your favorite blogs, sports teams, and news sites now.

Don’t see a service you want to follow on Yo? Let them know! Setting up a service is easy with our super simple dashboard.

All your favorite brands.
Here’s What It’s Like When Everyone Thinks Your Girlfriend Is Your Carer

What ever you want to be in sync with, we got you covered.

The Gallaghers want you on speed dial.
Yo Marc Andreessen has started a storm on Twitter
Yo awesome travel tips from Lonely Planet
Yo summary of the top 5 news stories
Yo everything from interviews with Presidents to lists of cats
Yo this is funny
Yo Chelsea Soccer Team scored a goal

This is what a Yo looks like when you open it:

If you like photos of cute kittens in the middle of the day we have lots of them
Yo. Obama and a selfie stick.

Yo services focus on quality rather than quantity. The Yo Team curates the Yo Store to make sure no service is bombarding our users with irrelevant push notifications. We’re strict on the Yo guidelines to keep our users happy!

Visit the Yo Store now and find the subscribe to updates from your favorite blogs, sports teams, and news sites.

Yo. It’s that simple.

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